Everyone dreams, and I don’t mean the type you have when you sleep.  I’m speaking of the dreams of things you want or how you wish things in your life were. Maybe a new home, more money, a new car, clothing, vacation, new job…etc.  But once we become adults many of us let go of the dreams we had as children.  Why do we do that?  I know fully, the “real” world takes over and we start to only dream about those things we can truly obtain.  But as a child, we dream and honestly want to accomplish those dreams anyway we can.  As a child, maybe you wanted to fly like Peter Pan or have your fairy godmother change a pumpkin to a carriage and take you to the ball.  Maybe you dreamed of being a super hero and saving others from the evil villains.  Did you play with toys and bring them to life in your head?  Listen to children play with their toys.  Their stuffed animals, dolls and action figures all have dialogue and talk to each other.  The voices change and it becomes a new world to escape to for that child.

We start to grow and we forget about the child like fantasies we loved.  We forget how much fun it is to use our imagination.  We forget about the joy brought to us from the simplest things. Why?? well life gets in the way.  Family, job, friends, and all the things that go along with being an “adult.”

Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic

While we sailed on the Disney Magic, there was a show the last night of the cruise called, “Disney Dreams – An Enchanted Classic.”  The story was about a little girl, who knew and loved every Disney story, but had a hard time believing in herself and how a positive way of thinking can change your entire outlook.  By the end, she did just that and believed in herself and her dreams took effect.

While on the ship, I watched Michele at Rapunzel’s Royal Table with the performers and the décor and she was put right into her fantasy world of Rapunzel, her favorite of the princesses.  I also watched her the next night, as the performers brought the story of Rapunzel to life before our eyes, and to say I saw her cry a bit about this was an understatement.  Actually, when the floating lanterns came over the crowd, there were very few dry eyes in the whole theater.

Walt Disney was the ultimate dreamer and believed at the core every one of us are children at heart. He believed in bringing that dream world back no matter the age.  He created the term “Imagineer” for people who never stop dreaming and can take that fantasy world and make it real.  Imagineers don’t believe is not being able to bring things to life.  Imagineers can watch a cartoon, build that cartoon in the real world and make it an attraction for you to step into and forget about the real world.

Let’s face it, the world today is always in turmoil.  The news media doesn’t talk near as much about the good as they do the bad going on. Life does get in the way and we run out of time to dream.  We run out of time to make those dreams, even a part of them, reality.   Everyone now and then, needs to take just 5 minutes a day and think about your dreams.  If there is a way to make them a reality, even a little bit, you should try.  it’s great to get lost in your thoughts and think “what if?”  Dreams usually bring a smile to one’s face and in today’s world, what’s honestly wrong with everyone smiling at least once more a day? So keep on dreaming… you’ll be glad that you did!


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