Disney Junior Dance Party by Guest Blogger Michelle Perkins

As many of you know, the Disney Junior live on stage show ended its run in late 2018 to make way for a brand new experience. The Disney Junior Dance Party!.  If you have never been to the Disney Junior Live on Stage show, it was a bit of a nod to the Mickey Mouse Club House.  The premise of the show was to put you inside an episode and solve a problem, getting ready for Minnie’s birthday.  In order to solve the problem the guests had to look for inspiration from other Disney Junior Shows, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. The new show however is totally different.  The idea behind the new show is that you are going to a dance party and Mickey and the Roadster Racers are going to be there! The party space is a 70’s/80’s theme with a Mickey disco ball above the stage and lots of blues and purples in the lighting.

When the show starts the DJ comes out and gets the kids on their feet.

She introduces us to Fin Fiesta, the other host. The audience has to spin Fin from behind the screen to the stage by putting their hand on their imaginary headphones and spinning a with the other hand then Fin appears! This little trick is used to bring in the Disney Junior cast one at a time.

Fin forgot to invite Mickey and the roadster racers, so they need to hurry to make it on time.  While we wait for Mickey, we get to dance with Vamparina, Doc McStuffins, and Timon from the Lion Guard.

Each character teaches the kids a new dance and with each new dance items drop in from the ceiling like bubbles, snow and paper streamers.  There was so much packed into this little show, that the kids were really active.  Much more active than in the other show.  The characters were also real, and not the puppets from the other show either.  All in all I think the show was entertaining, and a good change since most kids did not really connect with the other characters from the old Live on Stage show.  This show reminded me of what you would see if you went to the Disney Junior Dance party that travels the country each year.  My two year old enjoyed watching the characters and seeing the action on the screen.  If you are in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I would check out this little show which is located next to Star Wars Launch Bay in the Animation Courtyard.

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