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As previously mentioned, the exhibit features rooms dedicated to Steamboat WilliePlane CrazyFantasiaThe Band Concert, the Ink and Paint Department at the Animation Studios, the Mickey Mouse Club (all three iterations prior to today’s), and collectible Mickey Mouse merchandise of old and new. These are in juxtaposition to modern pieces created by renowned artists such as Keith Haring, Darren Romanelli (aka DRX), and London Kaye that are inspired by everyone’s favorite mouse. Below are photos of the art as we made our way through the exhibit.

Giant Mickey made with vintage Disney tees by Darren Romanelli, aka DRX (another Disney craft inspiration!)


Fabulous piece by the late, great Keith Haring (recognize the vibe? Keith’s work is synonymous with the late 80’s and early 90’s)


Mickey Mouse Club set-like room that featured FREE ice cream samples and seating (a perfect rest spot and a much needed energy boost mid-way through)


Crocheted depiction of The Band Concert by London Kaye (fun inspiration for a crocheted Disney craft-in a smaller scale of course!)
Before you exit the last official exhibit room, which is full of old and new Mickey collectibles as well as the Giant Mickey above, you can opt to queue and play a fun, interactive Disney trivia game sponsored by google. The queue moved pretty quickly and the game itself was about 5-10 minutes long. A google home hub with a limited edition 90th Mickey Birthday stand announces the questions. Four teams participate (we were team Daisy). And the best part? Everyone is a winner and receives a special Mickey Mouse and google home hub pin!
Of course, you exit through the gift shop.  The shop is open to all-with or without a ticket- so anyone can check it out.  They have the usual selection of exhibition-based shirts, bags, pins, patches, books, and ear hats.  However, they also have a customization area where you can create your own shirt.  Now, we are not talking about they typical ear hat personalization (which you can also do, and we sure did!). We are talking about a workshop where you can purchase long sleeved t’s, short sleeved t’s, or sweatshirts and customize them with vinyl and/or embroidered patches.   There is a wide array of patch designs and sizes to choose from. We absolutely had to participate. The process was fun and creative. Plus, we now have a one-of-a-kind souvenir to commemorate our day.
There is a surprise at the end: two exhibit rooms off of the gift shop, also open to the non-ticketed public, that feature additional art displays. One, sponsored by beats, has funky red, black, and yellow Mickey modular art and, of course, promotes the limited edition Mickey beats. The other is a neon, black-lit, psychedelic experience (below) where everywhere you look you discover hidden Disneyana.
Mickey: The True Original Exhibition lent itself to a morning of fun and is a unique, different, option outside of the traditional tourist route in bustling NYC.  Though, we did eventually end up in Times Square as we were given 20% off coupons for the Disney Store at the exhibit.  Overall, it’s definitely worth a go if you find yourself in the city and are open to using the lens of modern and international art and artists as a new and different way to experience Mickey’s undeniable influence on people of all walks of life as the true original. Be sure to allow yourself 2 hours total from the start to ringing up your purchases after perusing the gift shop and bonus rooms at the end.
And, of course, it’s a MUST for those enviable instagram shots.
Dates: November 8, 2018 – February 10, 2019
Location: 60 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10014
Ticket Price: $38 – if you have the Disney Visa, make sure you show your card to receive complimentary art prints in the gift shop.

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