Erika’s Note: One of my favorite things about Meet Up is getting to know Main Streeters who want to contribute to our blog, and learning about their love of Disney through their diverse experiences. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and Christian Porter at our last event, and they volunteered to write a guest blog about visiting the ‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition’ in New York City. Please enjoy this fantastic guest blog from fellow Main Streeters! A huge thank you to Lisa and Christian for sending this to us!

Thanksgiving weekend brought us to New York City (NYC) for family. As big-time Disney fans, we decided to check out the Mickey: The True Original Exhibition, open for a limited time from November 2018-February 2019.  The 16,000 square foot exhibit celebrates the lovable mouse by collaborating with various international artists and displaying their Mickey-inspired pieces along side of original Disney collectibles. We purchased our tickets in advance online, selected a morning time-slot for our entry, and upgraded one ticket to include a pair of commemorative Mickey ears.

We have to admit, we are not particularly art people per-se. It was definitely a risk to check this out. So, with that said, our advise is: please be prepared.  If planning a trip, note that this is absolutely an art installation and not a Museum-style exhibit of objects and artifacts. It is a fun and funky destination where you can get to-die-for Instagram shots, selfies, and portraits.

You are recommended to arrive 15 minutes before your ticketed time. Upon arrival, staff asked for our paper tickets. Our ticket confirmation explicitly said to print them. Turns out, they CANNOT be bought onsite, only online; so plan ahead! We got our commemorative Mickey exhibition ear hat and were instantly greeted with our first opportunity for an enviable photo-a bright Mickey-yellow wall with black ears- set to turn anyone into a member of the mouse family.  There are also photo frames you can hold to assist with getting that perfect shot.


Strike a Pose
First stop is the welcome room, where we watched a short video documenting the 90 years of Mickey Mouse.  Staff gave an orientation to the exhibit. Oh boy, we learned a lot. Turns out, there is only one bathroom-halfway through the exhibit-so again, plan ahead- go before you arrive. We also learned that this is a forward-moving exhibition, meaning that once you leave a room, there is no turning back. So be sure to take your time.
The exhibit features rooms dedicated to Steamboat WilliePlane CrazyFantasiaThe Band Concert, the Ink and Paint Department at the Animation Studios, the Mickey Mouse Club (all three iterations prior to today’s), and collectible Mickey Mouse merchandise of old and new. These are in juxtaposition to modern pieces created by renowned artists such as Keith Haring, Darren Romanelli (aka DRX), and London Kaye that are inspired by everyone’s favorite mouse.
Check out some of our favorite art pieces and moments below!
Neon Lights (talk about Disney decor inspiration!)
Replica of Steam Boat Willie (making for a great photo opportunity)
Mickey Mouse: Thru The Wall (a personal favorite of Lisa’s)

Closing Note: Be sure to check back for Part Two of this Blog! Lisa and Christian show you more from the installation through a photo tour, and what’s interactive when you visit. 

More information: 

Dates: November 8, 2018 – February 10, 2019

Location: 60 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10014

Ticket Price: $38 – if you have the Disney Visa, make sure you show your card to receive complimentary art prints in the gift shop.

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