A Halloween “Babymoon” at Disney!

A Halloween Babymoon at Disney

By Guest Blogger Stephanie Flores

A Halloween “Babymoon” at Disney! 1

Planning a trip to Disney World takes a lot of time; time to pick the right resort, time to save money, and time to plan activities and meals. You also have to decide what time of the year you want to visit. For us, we really wanted to see Disney World during the Halloween time. We wanted to see all the beautiful decorations, try all the special treats, and just see the magic that surrounds the parks during this time. So, we decided to do Halloween in Disney!

We started planning our Halloween trip about two and a half years in advance. We booked our resort at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village. We started researching which restaurants we wanted to try so that we would be ready to reserve a table when our advance dining reservation window opened up. We were getting more excited with each passing month, putting us closer to our departure date. But then, we got the surprise of a lifetime!

We found out about seven months before our trip that we were pregnant! What better way to celebrate becoming parents than a trip to Disney World for our babymoon, right?! A Halloween babymoon nonetheless. We decided to continue with our plans for our trip with our doctor’s approval and we vacationed in Disney World while I was 34 weeks pregnant.

Now, there were plenty of opinions from others discussing that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself because I couldn’t go on any rides. This could not have been further from the truth! Disney World has more to offer than just thrill rides. For instance, the delicious Halloween treats! I’m not sure if it was the pregnancy cravings or if everything just tasted better because of the Halloween decorations, but I could not get enough of the treats; the cupcakes, the cookies, the brownies, and all were winning with my taste buds! I told myself that I deserved every one of them because I was 34 weeks pregnant and the baby could use some flavors from Disney!

A Halloween “Babymoon” at Disney! 2

One of my favorite treats from this trip was a cookie that was in the shape of a bat with Mickey’s face on it. The whole cookie was dipped in chocolate (yum!) and Mickey’s face had little vampire teeth! It was too cute to pass up and too delicious to not have again and again!

After our wonderful week in Disney, we came back home 35 weeks pregnant (and about 10 pounds heavier after all those treats)! If anyone is hesitant about taking a trip to Disney while pregnant, totally do it (after getting a doctor’s approval)! And if possible, go while it’s Halloween time so you and your little pumpkin can indulge in all the sweetness and the magic!


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