They lurk in the shadows of their news feed. Hiding… afraid to like, comment, or share. Why do they hide? Out of fear of what others will think. Afraid to be themselves and share what they truly love. Who are these people you ask? They are Disney fans just like you and me.

For some unknown reason, there is a stigma associated with being an adult and being a Disney fan. I call it Disney Shaming. Because of this, we are afraid to like a post about Disney, comment on a Disney related picture, and share a Disney article on our own Facebook page because it will show up on our friends feed. Why is this? Are we truly afraid to be who we are because we might get another eye roll? Why are we afraid of showing our Disney side when others aren’t afraid of sharing their interests?

Look through your news feed and see how many of your friends are sharing their hobbies, interests, and business ventures multiple times throughout the day. You’ll find posts about workouts, jewelry, hunting, sports, and the #1 face cream on the market guaranteed to make you look 10 years younger. It’s everywhere! You look at it every time you log on. And what do you do if you aren’t interested in the post? You keep scrolling.

Yes, we as fans, often get many questions about our love of all things Disney. No, not everyone will understand or appreciate our love and no matter what you say, you cannot convince them otherwise. But does that mean we shouldn’t be ourselves and post, share, and like what interests us, even if it fills our entire page with nothing but Disney? NO! Does it mean we need help because we are obsessed with Disney? NO! The Disney Shaming ends here and now!

There is nothing wrong with being a Disney fan. It’s nothing you should be ashamed of or hide. With all of the sadness and negativity in the world, Disney is a happy place where you can escape from everyday life. If people are truly your friends, they will accept you for who you are, Disney and all.

So my fellow Main Streeters, fear no more! Like, comment, and share away! Don’t let the comments or reactions of others deter you or force you to hang your head in shame or hide. Be yourself and be proud! YOU ARE A DISNEY FAN! And guess what…if your friends don’t like it, they can keep on scrolling, just like you do when you see that #1 face cream!

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3 thoughts on “Disney Shaming, Can You Relate? #DisneyLife”
  1. I’m not afraid to share anything Disney. All my friends know that I am a Disney Freak and they feed the obsession by tagging me in Disney posts. I love being a Disney fan!!

  2. Never been a problem… I shout Disney from the rooftops. Any embarrassment is theirs, not mine…. but then I give talk on aspects of Disney to anyone who’ll listen, and have an enormous collection of memorabilia and textbooks

  3. Well said!! I have never been ashamed of being a Disney Addict. My friends might joke with me but never in a bad way. I am lucky like that!! Love to all Disney fans everywhere of every age.

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