Disney Crying, the Sequel! Does this apply to you?

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Awhile back I wrote a blog about being a Disney crier.  What I meant by that, is that it’s sometimes hard to control emotions when it comes to all things Disney.  For example…. songs, shows, movies…. you get the idea.  At the time, I had a lot of people chime in to agree with that sentiment, I surely wasn’t alone.  Fast forward to present day, I’ve found myself still having those darn crying issues, it doesn’t fade! Let’s discuss!

Last year when the fan favorite fireworks show, Wishes, was retiring from the Magic Kingdom, hearts broke everywhere. Mine included. I knew that going to see the show for the last time would cause crying, and low and behold, it sure did. I stood there with my sons, one on each arm, and sobbed. Wishes was part of their childhood, part of our first Disney memories with bringing the kids to the parks. It stung my heart for sure. Then I thought, would Happily Ever After stir up emotions? It can’t, not like Wishes. So, the night the new show made it’s debut, I was doing a live feed in the media area for our Facebook page, and I was ready to see if Happily Ever After would deliver. Within a few minutes, I was watching the comments on the live feed, and people were asking if I was crying. They could hear me sniffing. How funny is that? They knew it was going to hit once the Tangled lanterns appeared, and they were spot on. Tears, full on tears. Thanks Disney, you got me again. A few weeks ago, we were making adjustments to our YouTube channel, and we watched Wishes on the tv to see it better. Crying ensued. The next video played and it was Happily Ever After…. and I got choked up AGAIN. What is wrong with me? No matter how many times I see my Disney favorites, they still get me right in the feels. Down to my soul. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Last summer, Disney got me again. Part of the festivities included the symphony orchestra playing to beloved Pixar movie scenes over at Hollywood Studios. True Disney fans can relate certain movies, songs, etc to instances in their own lives, we get it. The orchestra played to the scene near the beginning of Up that told Carl and Ellie’s story. There’s a scene in there that I have a hard time watching now because of what’s happened in our family. Hearing that beautiful music playing loudly to such an emotional part of the film, oh my. Ugly crying happened, the worst kind. Thank God I had napkins in my purse. I didn’t go back to watch the show again because I knew I couldn’t handle it, at least I know my limits. Speaking of movies….

We put out the new trailer this week for the live action version of Dumbo, which will be out next year. Do you remember that old game show, Name that Tune? “I can name that tune in 2 notes.” Remember? Well, I heard the first few notes of “Baby Mine” and it was OVER for me. Over. I ugly cried through the whole clip. Now, I know others out there will totally agree with me on this one. Baby Mine is one of those songs that pull your heartstrings like no other. My gosh, my nose is burning as I type this, I’m such a sap! Dumbo is a sad movie, it really is. When his mom is rocking him and singing, I can’t handle it. Do I want to see the new Tim Burton version? Yes, of course I do. Will I be emotionally prepared to handle said movie? I honestly don’t know. Maybe with a box of Kleenex and some chocolate! I’ll give it a go. But you see, no matter how many times we hear certain songs or watch specific movies, they still have the same effect. Disney magic maybe?

I always tell people, when it comes to Disney fandom, either you get it or you don’t. Without a doubt, I get it. Maybe too much. Instead of being ashamed of random tears in the Disney Store when I hear a song, or getting emotional at the same shows over and over again, I try to embrace it. I have Disney running through my veins, and I’m not even sorry for that. It is what it is. I’m a Disney crier, and I’m sure some of you are too. So, what are your Disney triggers that get you going? I’d love to hear about them in the comments! We can pass tissues and cry together! Thanks for reading! ~M

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2 thoughts on “Disney Crying, the Sequel! Does this apply to you?

  • July 12, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Well at least I’m not the only one. I’m a Disney crier too. Disney played a huge roll in my childhood. From visits to the parks 2-3 times a year to endless hours of movie watching. Some of those trips were with family members who have now passed. First time I took my hubby & kids and stayed for the kiss goodnight…..tears

  • July 12, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Well at least I’m not the only one. I’m a Disney crier too ‍♀️. Disney played a huge roll in my childhood. From visits to the parks 2-3 times a year to endless hours of movie watching. Some of those trips were with family members who have now passed. First time I took my hubby & kids and stayed for the kiss goodnight…..

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