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As a lot of you already know, the popular World of Disney store at Disney Springs has been undergoing a remodel for the past few months. The larger part of the store has been closed off for awhile now. Last week, the revamped end reopened, and the other side shut down to complete the construction.

Gone are the larger than life characters that adorned the ceiling in the main room. The video screen is also no longer there. I’m really on the fence as to how I feel about the changes. Granted, I’m not huge on change, but the World of Disney was a place we always looked forward to visiting because it oozed Disney magic. Now? Well, it’s a pretty store, minus said magic. That’s just my opinion of course, you may feel differently. The merchandise is still wonderful, but the look is completely different. It doesn’t feel like the same store at all. Last night we did a live feed from the new area inside the World of Disney store, but the signal was a bit weak. Here’s another look inside, in case you missed the footage!

So, what are your thoughts on the updates? The complete overhaul is supposed to be completed sometime in the Fall. I’m assuming it will look similar to this area. Stay tuned to The Main Street Mouse for more Disney coverage from across Walt Disney World! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well so you never miss a clip!

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