The Incredibles 2 Breaks Records…. and Barriers! #incrediblesummer

The long awaited film “The Incredibles 2” hit theaters this past weekend, with lots of buzz and excitement from movie goers. It’s been 14 years since the first Incredibles movie was released, and fans were ready and waiting to see what the next chapter would bring.

The Incredibles 2 brought in 180 million ticket sales domestically, with a whopping 231 million world wide. Not bad at all. Actually, this is a new record for an animated film’s opening weekend. The previous record holder was “Finding Dory.” Another record set was for Imax theaters on opening weekend. To say people were excited to see this sequel was an understatement, obviously. It wasn’t just kids that were eager to see The Incredibles 2, adults were also anticipating, in some cases even more than the children. When you grow up living the Disney life, childhood memories really stick with you. Like movies. The Incredibles was the first Disney movie I had taken my younger son to when we was a baby. Sure, he didn’t remember it, but it always was a favorite film of his as he got older. Same for his brother. So, my kids were ready and waiting for this new movie, and according to them, it was well worth the wait. They liked part two even better than the first installment. Clapping ensued as the closing credits began, it was a fantastic movie.

Without giving any spoilers away, I’d like to talk about something I noticed while watching this film. The family dynamics have changed in the story. Parenting roles were reversed, and we see how the family deals with this change. I felt a big “girl power” presence as an ongoing theme during the movie. Strong female leads and plots were most certainly present, and it was pretty great to see. Yes, the entire Parr family are indeed super heroes, but Elastagirl was launched into the spotlight, and to me it sends a strong message. A broken barrier that was needed if you ask me, and it was well done. Speaking of family dynamics, viewers finally get to see what powers the baby, Jack Jack, has. The movie begins where the first one left off, so it honestly felt like no time had passed. Surely didn’t feel like 14 years. My boys talked about the movie for quite awhile after we left the theater, they gave it rave reviews. I’d have to agree with them. At the beginning of the movie, the cast comes on and thanks viewers for waiting so long and promises that The Incredibles 2 will be worth the wait. We agree, very well done Disney/Pixar. The Incredibles 2 is in theaters everywhere now! Be sure to check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

*Also, be prepared for the Pixar short film before the feature film begins, it’s a tear-jerker! ~M

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