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In the 8 years we’ve been running The Main Street Mouse, we’ve received so many questions from people looking for help for their Disney vacations. For some, especially people who are new to Disney or have never been, it can be a bit overwhelming. Even when my family comes here to visit, they say they don’t know what they’d do if they had to come up with their own Disney agenda and such….. which got me thinking a bit. I decided to ask members in our private Facebook group, TMSM Fan Nation, what piece of advice would they offer to Disney “newbies” or people who were less than seasoned when tackling the parks. The responses were pretty good, so I thought I’d share them with you! Here are some Main Streeter tips for Disney Parks that you may find to be helpful~

Crystal Waugh-Poplin ~ Don’t try to park hop for first timers or with small kids.

Susanne (TMSM Staff) ~ Map out what you want to do so you know where to go and aren’t walking all over the park.

Cora Helton ~ Go around Magic Kingdom clockwise the first time. Do everything in each land, then move on. Plan fastpasses and dining according to where you’ll be at that time.

Helen Baxter ~ Do as much homework as you can before you go – use TMSM as a brilliant tool for help and advice. Use all the information available on the Official Disney website – it will give you rides, maps, places to eat, menus etc etc and you can phone them for free for any help needed.

Michelle Perkins ~ Take a break between park time and firework time. Stay on property and rent a car just incase you need to get to an early breakfast reservation at another resort. Get the meal plan and try different places in each park.

Crissy Stefanyak ~ First visit, try at non peak time if at all possible. More at ease pace to familiarize lay of the land and more time to experience as much as you can handle.

Amanda Leighton LaPointe ~ My best thought is don’t try to do everything in one trip. Enjoy yourself, see what you can, but don’t run yourself ragged. You will probably go back! Next advice – hydrate and sunscreen, a lot!

Lynne A Conn ~ If you’re staying on property, take advantage of early and late hours for resort guests, and plan to go back to your resort for a break in the afternoon. Take a dip in the pool, take a nap, relax, recharge. You’ll enjoy your park day so much more if you aren’t there open to close.

Debra Filteau Begley ~ If something annoys you, take a deep breath, smile and just keep swimming. Don’t let anyone ruin your vacation. Look at the big picture an remember you are at Disney.

Stacey Thompson ~ Try to stay as long as your budget and vacation time allow. I would hate a first trip to be too rushed. I go about once a year and I like 2 days per park. I still don’t get to do everything each trip.

Kristie Ryan ~ When booking fast passes, pick the rides that are most important to you that you want to fast pass then look at the park map to plot it out. Space the passes out so you have time in between to see/do what is important to you without running back and forth in the park. Don’t be afraid to change a plan as go if you see something unexpected you want to explore.

Teresa Anderson Stokes ~ One good tip was the family bathrooms by Crystal Palace. We use them even w/ older kids. A tip I missed seeing was to take portable chargers and charging cords- very important! A tip I always give to people… Don’t feel that staying off-site is bad. Research everything and do whats best for your budget. Sometimes once you add everything in, you can afford 2 more days by staying off-site! Some sites have a lot of “on-site or nothing” members. Remember it is OK to stay cheap, eat pb&j, and get your souvenirs at a discount big box store before you go! Just Have Fun!

Cynthia Henisey ~ Know your kids height ahead of time, but be aware the height markers at each ride may differ so don’t get their hopes up.

Debbie Howes Bodurtha ~ Bring frozen water bottles in your backpack, they keep snacks cold then as they melt you can drink the cold water.

When you’re not familiar with your surroundings or where you need to be, ask a Cast Member for direction, they’re always willing to help. Give yourself plenty of time, pace yourself, and try not to get overwhelmed. Going to a Disney destination is one of the best trips that you could take, and we hope some of these tips will help you have an even better time! Thanks to all our readers who contributed their ideas! If you have a tip you’d like to add, please feel free to tell us in the comment section! Happy Vacationing everyone!

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