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Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! This week, I’m writing this blog from our NEW home! Yes, the move went well, and we’re getting settled in! Let’s catch up, shall we?

Last week was go time as far as moving. The house was almost packed up but we still had a lot to do. I had forgotten how stressful moving is, it was taking a toll on my health, I’m not even kidding. Headache, stomach ache, not sleeping…. ugh. Regardless of how I felt, there were things to do and no time to slow down. We had boxes all around the house, messes everywhere, and it was a bit overwhelming. The kids handled the move and preparations pretty well though, they were excited. However, last Friday night, Aidan did cry. He’s so much like me it’s scary. He said he was happy but will miss the house we’ve lived in for almost four years. That’s something I understand, because change is hard. We sat on the couch and talked about it, and by the next morning he was better and back to being excited. Saturday morning, it was time, no looking back. Our friends Mike and Janel and their family came to help us move, and thank God they did. Back in Michigan we always had family around for these things, but here in Florida it’s a whole different story. They helped keep things going, we loaded the truck and headed to the new place. Once we got to the new house, the unloading began, and it was a lot of work. I’m so happy that we had a cooler day, so we didn’t have that Florida sun to contend with. Everyone pitched in to get the boxes off the truck, and the day went by pretty fast. By evening, we ordered pizza and took a little break to reflect. The day went well overall, truthfully. After pizza, we took the kids outside and saw that two doors down, there’s a beautiful pond behind the houses. It was a perfect ending to the day. Oh and… I promised a little glimpse of the new Tangled bathroom, check it out below!

I was a little worried that we’d all have a hard time sleeping on the first night in the new house. Thanks to a long day of moving boxes, we had no issues. Plus, we set up the boys’ bedrooms very similarly to how they were at the old house, so it was a little more comfortable and familiar. The next day was Easter, and we woke up surrounded by boxes of course. That’s my least favorite part, unpacking. It reminds me of unpacking and doing laundry after a vacation, same effect. Not fun. Since it was Easter, we wanted to get the kids out of the house for a little while so we went to an early dinner at Trails End at the Fort Wilderness Campground with our friends. It was such a nice day, and a welcomed break. The food was good as usual, and we got to go see the horses at the stables as well. The handlers were giving the horses a bath, it was pretty cute. After walking the grounds and having Easter dinner, it was time to get back to work. I’m so glad we took that break though, it was a good time.

This week has been really busy so far. We are still unpacking and getting things settled, and my younger son has had school play practice every day so it’s been a lot of driving back and forth as well. Traffic is awful down here near Disney because it’s Spring Break for so many. Florida schools had their break in March so it’s business as usual for us. On Monday, I went back to the old house to clean up one last time. As I was vacuuming the floors, all these memories were flooding back. I have no clue why my mind wanders when I clean, it’s the strangest thing. Each room in that house has memories, mostly good, some not so good. Memories stay with us no matter where we go, and nothing changes that… but it was time to say goodbye. I gave the house one last look around, and of course I cried. The feelings were so conflicting, while I’m going to miss it there, I was also ready to close that chapter and look ahead to the future. As I closed that door for the last time, I wiped the tears and knew that this is what was best for us all. Andrew (older kiddo) was pretty profound about it last week. He said that staying there with sad reminders (the baby loss) isn’t good for any of us, and moving on to a new place to make new memories was better for us all. Smart kid. He’s spot on. So for me, no more tears. For all of us. It’s so funny how even after moving across the country, change was still hard this time. Does that ever get easier? You learn so much about yourself when you keep pushing outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes I say to myself, “I can’t do this” but yet do it anyway. If I can be brave anyone can, trust me. So now it’s time to find a new normal and get to making more magical memories. At night when I leave to get Aidan from school, the road I take goes right under the Walt Disney World sign, and it’s still surreal. How did we get here? I believe we got here because God had a bigger plan for our family, and I’m so thankful for the kick in the butt He tends to give me when I need it. So here’s to the future…. and having family and friends come visit so they can see where we live now. Maybe a housewarming party is needed too! On that note, I have more unpacking to do so that’s it for this weeks update. The reason I have the job that I do is because of all of YOU who support me and my efforts, and I’m forever grateful for that. Thank you all so much. Until next week, sending you lots of love, blessings and pixie dust. See ya real soon! ~M

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