Morimoto Asia is one restaurant at Disney Springs that I’ve been wanting to try, but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  That needed to change! So, a couple of weeks ago, we finally made plans to check out this beautiful restaurant, and I wanted to share some photos of our experience with you! Morimoto Asia used to be “Mannequins” dance club back in the Pleasure Island days, I loved that place! As you can see, it’s still a really large establishment… minus the revolving dance floor!

The menu at Morimoto Asia has a decent selection! We’re a pretty basic crowd, so we ordered the chicken dishes and I had a Saki Sangria, which was very good! The kids and I tried the Orange Chicken, which comes with brown or white rice, and the kids version (seen below), you can choose noodles instead of rice if you’d prefer. My husband had the Angry Chicken which was a bit spicier! They also had fried mushrooms as an appetizer!

You don’t have to eat inside if you’re just looking for a quick bite, they have an outdoor walk up window as well! All in all, we enjoyed our dinner at Morimoto Asia. The food and atmosphere are something that visitors would love if you’re looking to try something a little newer at Disney Springs! Enjoy!

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