Today is the last day to catch the famous auction scene inside Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom!  The refurb begins tomorrow!  In case you missed the details on the change to this classic part of the ride, you can read the scoop below!

The refurbishment is scheduled for Feb. 26 through March 18, according the official Disney World website, with the ride reopening March 19.

In June, Disney announced it would change the scene, which features the “redhead” animatronic character being auctioned off as a bride while pirates in an audience shout, “We wants the redhead!”

The park intends to change the attraction to move the redhead in with the pirates and oversee an auction of goods stolen from the townspeople.

“Given the redhead has long been a fan favorite, we wanted to keep her as a pivotal part of the story, so we made her a plundering pirate,” said Kathy Mangum, a senior vice president with Disney Imagineering, at the time.

The news didn’t go over well with many die-hard Pirates fans, who think the change is unnecessary.

A petition was launched soon after the park announced it would change the ride, in an attempt to keep the redhead in her original form. It garnered more than 38,000 signatures.

The new auction scene has already been implemented at Disneyland Paris and will eventually make its way to Disneyland in California.

So we still have a few more months to see the auction scene in tact. What are your thoughts, will you miss this classic part of the ride? Me personally, I sure will! ~M

“We wants the redhead!”


Credit Spectrum News 13

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