What Do You Mean There are Free Things to Do in Disney? ~ By Melissa Latta


What Do You Mean There are Free Things to Do in Disney?

By Melissa Latta


One hot button topic when talking about Disney is the price. Yes, I will totally agree that Disney is not cheap, but you’re paying so much for your experience and being submerged into the Disney life! But did you know how many things are totally free? I wanted to go over some of my personal favorites!

Helping open a country in the World Showcase- this is pretty neat! My son helped open Mexico and he talked about it for the rest of the day. They brought out the flag and had him help drop the rope. It’s something small, but kids love helping.

Kid-cot. This one is also in Epcot. Yes, you could spend money and have a really neat keepsake if you wanted, but you can also do this one totally free! At every country they have a character on a stick that you are able to color however you want with markers Disney provides. From there, every country you visit will write in their native language and tell you something about where they are from!

Opening the Magic Kingdom- this one is a little tricky, but super cool if your family is chosen! You are able to ride the train with the characters and be some of the first people in the magic kingdom!

Captain Jack-just outside of Pirates of the Caribbean you can find Jack Sparrow entertaining throughout the day. When he’s on his stage, he calls all pirates to join him and they get to learn how to fight like a pirate from the man himself!

So, as you can see from such a short list, there are many things to do free of charge and still get to enjoy a true Disney experience! It’s not all about how much money you spend!

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