Disney Magic by Melissa Latta


I am often asked what keeps me coming back for more when it comes to all things Disney. I used to be able to put it into words, but I find myself at a loss for how to best explain my “why”. The last trip I took with my family was our first trip as a family of 4! We have been to Disney 10-12 times with my 7 year old son, but this time was so different. That’s when it hit me-my why!

Disney magic isn’t always what you get, sometimes it’s all in your experiences. For me, it’s in the eyes of my kids. The beginning of every trip when you turn the corner down Main Street and see the castle, you get this feeling of excitement no matter how many times you have seen it before. The first character you meet. It’s in the ride that your child has been waiting to ride for so long and they are finally tall enough to ride it. The magic you feel when you find that hidden Mickey that you have always heard about, but could never find yourself. And sometimes, if your husband is as awesome as mine, it’s walking past “The Little Mermaid” show and singing Part Of Your World at the top of your lungs and everyone around you joining in! (This may or may not have happened once or twice;)

I think sometimes we get caught up in “what can they do to make my Disney experience the best it can be”. When all we really need to do is look around us. Look at your family. Look up! Trust me when I say, there is magic everywhere, it’s Disney!

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