Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! Well, this is the last Florida living blog before Christmas. Can you believe how fast the season has gone? Just crazy. The weather is beautiful here, around 80 degrees. However… we are heading north, to the cold and snow, yikes. Before we get into that, lets recap the week!

Besides last minute Christmas shopping and preparations, we did manage to get in a little fun time. This past Saturday evening was Galactic Nights over at Hollywood Studios. Disney was kind enough to invite us to both Galactic Nights and a screening of The Last Jedi (which was on Thursday) so it’s been a week filled with Star Wars fun. I gave up my spot for the movie though, and let Scott take the older kiddo to see it. Younger kiddo and I still haven’t seen the movie…. gasp! It’s on the agenda! Anyhow, back to Galactic Nights. Saturday night at the Studios was crawling with Star Wars fans of all ages. Galactic Nights offers up a Star Wars themed evening with special food, merchandise, attractions, and even a panel on what the new Star Wars area will be about. It was interesting! Of course while there, I did manage to get more photos of the Christmas decorations, since that was going to be my last Disney trip for the year. I wish I could have seen Jingle Bell Jingle BAM once more, but on Star Wars night, of course they didn’t do it. There’s never enough time to do everything we’d like to, so we pick and choose. I’m glad we got the opportunity to go to Galactic Nights though, it was a nice evening out.

Now the Disney fun is over, and it’s time to get ready to head to Michigan to visit family for Christmas. It’s so weird because we’re very much used to being Florida residents now, and packing to go north is more challenging. We have almost NO winter clothes anymore, especially for the boys. When we moved here in 2014, we of course brought their heavy jackets and such, but that was 3 1/2 years ago, and those clothes no longer fit. I had to go out and buy them coats so they don’t freeze during Christmas break. Oh gosh, and gloves, hats, scarves….. my goodness. They had heavy snow falls last week up there, so we need to be ready. I checked the future forecast and it’s frigid, but it’s temporary. Before we know it, our visit will be done and we’ll be back here in Florida. This is the first year that the kids really wanted to stay here for the holidays, to have Christmas in our own home. But I had to remind them that we have family in Michigan, and it’s important to be there. Maybe someday we’ll do Christmas here, or even bigger thinking, get some family members to come to us instead. Maybe? Until that time comes, we’ll just pack up the house and search for sweaters and such, and spend the holidays in what we jokingly call “the frozen tundra.”

The next time we talk, Christmas will be over and we’ll be looking towards a new year. I’ll touch more on that next Wednesday night. My Christmas wish for you, is to find peace, inner joy and happiness. I know that for so many people, myself included, Christmas time is an emotional roller coaster. It’s hard for some. Just keep that in mind, we never know how others are feeling or what they may be going through, so extend extra love and kindness wherever you can. The person on the other end of that good gesture will probably appreciate it very much, not just at Christmas time, but always. Well, that’s it for me tonight, I have traveling to do! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, all of you, who continually support our efforts and keep up with my family every week. It means more than you know. Until next week…. wishing you all a happy, safe and VERY Merry Christmas! God bless, and I’ll see ya real soon! ~M

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