What is your most “unpopular” Disney opinion? Reader submissions below!

Some food for thought….

As seasoned Disney fans, we all have our opinions on what we like and don’t like when it comes to Disney parks. I’d say that there’s nothing I truly “don’t” like, but some of my opinions might be unpopular…. go with me on this thought for a minute. For example, (throwing myself under the Disney bus here), I know a lot of people LOVE Figment…. I personally do not. Gasp, I know. So for me, that’s my unpopular Disney opinion. Recently I asked members of our Facebook group, TMSM Fan Nation, what they’re most unpopular Disney opinion is, and the answers are pretty interesting. Here is a sample of what they had to say!

Stacey Thompson ~ I don’t like turkey legs. (A LOT of people agreed on this one)

Catherine Krebs Rice ~ I am not all that into Dole Whips. They are ok….but I don’t flip out for them!

Carolyn Alexander-Nelson ~ I do not like Country Bears–at all. I think they’re creepy. I know they are a Disney institution, but I just don’t like them. Sorry Country Bears. But that leaves more room in the attraction for people who DO like them, right?

Laura Trick ~ I like DCL better than the parks. When I go to the parks, I feel like I need another vacation to wind down.

Carolyn Alexander-Nelson ~ As a side note, what I DO love about Disney is that there’s so much variety, that there’s something for EVERYONE. So the things that I don’t care for, others LOVE and vice versa. So that makes it good for everyone! I’m having HUGE Post Disney Depression today.

Michele Atwood (yes I added mine) ~ The Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout is so much more FUN that Tower of Terror. I wanted to hate it, but darn it, it’s awesome. (hiding now)

Jennifer Watson ~ The wine part of the Food and Wine Festival.

Jackie Kutney ~ I don’t get the hype of Peter Pan’s Flight… I mean, yes it’s a cute ride but I would never wait more than 20 minutes for it, especially since it’s so short.

Kara Parrish ~ I love the Value Resorts especially All Star Movies. It just has more of a Disney feel to it to me and for our week long vacation I would choose it over most other resorts.

Sara Garoutte ~ I hate scheduling everything. EVERYTHING.

Gina Lewis ~ I love It’s a Small World.

Heather Kuriga ~ I prefer Epcot to Magic Kingdom.

Jennifer Turner ~ I don’t like Nightmare Before Christmas. Tower of Terror either.

Kathryn McDermott Fantow ~ My husband refuses to go any where near Winnie the Pooh because it replaced Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Donald Headrick ~ I LOVE it all! I’d like to create a new ride for everyone. The park bench…I could people watch ALL day long.

Shelly Sampson Moe ~ I don’t think school bread is all that great.

Susie Bryan ~ I don’t get figment either. I also don’t like the boat light parade on the lakes. It gets in the way trying to get to MK at night from Fort Wilderness or vice versa, or any MK resort for that matter.

Kyra von Christierson ~ Super unpopular opinion- I am totally fine with MK not having a nighttime parade and pray that we won’t have one for the foreseeable future. It makes getting out at night SO much easier and less hectic and really makes the park more enjoyable at night not worrying about a parade blocking the main walkways in the park.

Robert Carlson ~ I secretly wait for the day they close and rebuild a new attraction at Peter Pan’s Flight.

Suzanne Bellow Feezor ~ Splash Mountain. I hate walking around with wet shorts and underwear. I’m always in the seat that gets the most wet.

Phil Kirton ~ I enjoy character meet and greets more than going on rides.

Jesse Lee Newcomb ~ I love Toontown.

So there you have it, feedback from just some of our Main Streeters! What about you, do you agree with any of these? What’s your unpopular Disney opinion? Tell us about it in the comments!

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