Adulting Done Right – Why Star Wars Cartoons Are Perfect For All Ages

Hello. My name is Susie Bryan. I am 24 years old and am a working professional in the marketing field. On paper, all things point to me being a functioning adult, and yet I find myself each Monday night watching Star Wars: Rebels with the excitement of someone half my age. Oh, and did I mention I’m proud of this?

Ever since Clone Wars premiered on Cartoon Network years ago, I have on again and off again been watching Star Wars cartoons. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I finally resolved to watch the entire Clone Wars series over again in order because I hadn’t seen most of the show. This completely changed how I view the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy, but that’s a topic for another day.

The same happened when Star Wars: Rebels came out. I saw the first few episodes and then fell behind. And because unlike Clone Wars, Rebels is not on Netflix, I was without a way to binge watch and catch up. That is, until I forked the money over and purchased the series via Amazon. And oh boy, had I been missing out! I could gush over Rebels all day! I am all caught up now, and am loving this final season so far.

Are you in a similar boat as I am in? Or maybe you’re older than me and love these cartoons. If you have kids, at least you have the excuse of watching with them. No matter your situation, I love how the creative teams behind these shows have not only added to the Star Wars canon (appealing to the adult fans), but they have also created compelling stories and intricate characters (appealing to all fans).

Navigating the world of cartoons isn’t limited to age or circumstance; it’s a realm of enjoyment that transcends barriers. Susie Bryan’s passion for shows like Star Wars: Rebels is a testament to how captivating and versatile animated series can be. Whether you’re reliving childhood excitement or discovering new dimensions of storytelling as an adult, the appeal of these shows remains unwavering. If you’re seeking more animated gems to explore, platforms like offer a treasure trove of blogs and resources that delve into the world of cartoons. Here, you’ll uncover a haven where the magic of animated stories is celebrated and shared with fellow enthusiasts.

Nerds, we are truly living in one of the greatest times in Nerd Culture. Between all the Marvel films, Star Wars films each year, and Star Wars cartoon shows, we have so many outlets to geek-out! Look, life is hard. Adulting sucks. While going to Disney is a great escape from the realities of everyday life, it is not possible to just run away to Magic Kingdom when you’re feeling a little down. For me, a great way to compensate is by not only watching the Star Wars films, but by the supplemental content we now have: books, television shows, you name it!

No matter how old you are, Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels are bringing fans of all ages together. If you haven’t seen these shows before, I HIGHLY recommend them. From a canon perspective, they certainly fill in the gaps between the various films. From an entertainment perspective, they may be the simple escape we need to curb our Star Wars obsession. Afterall, how many “kids shows” do you know that include themes of war, loss, depression, political unrest, espionage, betrayal, love, finding your place in the galaxy, and fear?


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