Wheel of Fortune Taping at Epcot! Let’s Talk About it! #WheelofFortune

When I was a kid, one memory of many that I have that sticks out, is watching Wheel of Fortune with my Grandparents. I remember sitting on their living room floor, next to my Grandma in her chair, and we’d be guessing the puzzles. Wheel of Fortune is celebrating it’s 35th year, and it’s been a staple for so many families and holds a special place in their hearts. Last night, I had the privilege of being invited to a media event at Epcot, where I got to meet Pat Sajak and Vanna White, then watch two episodes of Wheel of Fortune being taped. How amazing is that? There were only a small group of media who attended, and we were escorted to a press room where Pat and Vanna would be. Once they arrived and got situated, we were allowed to do a panel type interview with them. I have to say, they were so lovely, just really nice people. They answered our questions and then had to get ready for the show. Not before getting a group photo though! The video of the interview is on our Facebook page at The Main Street Mouse!

After about an hour of having snacks in the press room, we were escorted to the stage where they were shooting the show. The stage set up for Wheel of Fortune was absolutely gorgeous. The lighting was beautiful, with characters and palm trees, with Spaceship Earth as a backdrop. They asked us to not take wide shots, as to not spoil it for viewers. The shows we watched will actually air for Valentines week.

Wheel of Fortune is a well oiled machine with how it’s run. The show taping was so interesting to see. The crew were great, and Pat and Vanna spoke to the crowd between takes, they were so warm and friendly. All in all, the nostalgia of the experience is one I’ll never forget, and I can’t wait to watch these shows when they air. Check your local listings for show information for February 12th & 13th! A huge thank you for Wheel of Fortune and Disney for the amazing opportunity.

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