Disney ~ Either You Get It or You Don’t, See if you can relate!



So many of us love all things Disney. From the parks to the movies… to the merchandise, characters and the music. It’s all pretty darn magical. When it comes time to plan our next vacation, we always think Disney first before another other destination. Yes, we’ve gone before, but once you go, you want to keep going back. Disney is our Happy Place, it’s our home away from home. We get it. It’s hard to imagine that some people don’t get it, right? So why is that?

I know we all have that person or persons in our lives who always question us….. “You’re going to Disney AGAIN?” Annoying, but it happens. These people don’t get it. Most of the time when this happens, that person has never been to a Disney destination. If you’ve never been to a Disney park, you might not fully understand how it makes you feel. Disney transports guests back to childhood, gives you a happy feeling in your heart, and it’s something that has to be experienced to be fully understood. I almost feel sorry for them, you know? Sometimes I make that person my project. I truly want them to get it, I want them to experience the happiness that Disney brings. Sure, they have to be a willing participant, but I try.

Others who don’t get Disney I’ve found to have gone, but had a less than magical experience. I know, gasp! How can that be? Let’s take my own father for example. Back in the 90’s, we took a family trip to Florida, and only did the Magic Kingdom before heading south to our beach destination. It was July, there was no FastPass back then, and it was so hot and crowded. My Dad’s not one for lines and crowds, so he was a bit miserable to say the least. For years, when he thought of Disney, he thought of that trip to the Magic Kingdom. Granted, he had gone before when I was little and it was fine, but he was clinging to that bad experience. It took over 20 years for him to give Disney a go again, and low and behold, he LOVED it. I made a Disney believer out of him. So you see, sometimes, a non believer can be converted back to the ways of Disney, I’ve seen it happen. He gets it now!

Every now and again, I hear complaints from people on Facebook that people have family members who almost “Disney shame” them for sharing and posting Disney pics and such. That’s horrible, there should be NO shame in the Disney game! Disney brings happiness and hope, and I for one am a proud fan, obviously. I suppose my point is, some get Disney, some don’t, and that’s really ok. Look at it this way…. if someone doesn’t get it, there’s room to make them see how magical it is. There’s nothing like taking a first timer to Disney, and watching them get surrounded in the magic. I’ve been blessed to be able to do that for people in my own life. To get them down here and show them what Disney is all about. It’s amazing. So cheers to you my fellow Disney fanatics! Just keep letting your love of all thing Disney shine through! There’s no shame in the fact that you “get it”…. and you never know who you can show the “World” to and the happiness that could bring!

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