Are Mufasa And Scar Really Brothers?

News stories are reporting that Mufasa and Scar from Disney’s 1994 critically acclaimed animated film “The Lion King” are not brothers. Here’s what’s being said!

The movie’s director Rob Minkoff and producer Don Hahn told Hello Giggles in an interview that the two lions are not brothers because that is not how a pride operates.

Mufasa, the king of Pride Lands, was killed by Scar in the movie so he could claim the title.

“(While making the movie) we talked about the fact that it was very likely (Scar and Mufasa) would not have both the same parents,” Hahn told “Hello Giggles.”

“The way lions operate in the wild…when the male lion gets old, another rogue lion comes and kills the head of the pride. What that does is it causes the female lions to go into heat [to reproduce], and then the new younger lion kills the king and then he kills all the babies. Now he’s the new lion that’s running the pride.”

“There was always this thing about well, how do you have these two (male) lions?” Hahn said. “Occasionally there are prides that do have two male lions, in an interesting dynamic because they’re not equals (since they don’t have the same parents). One lion will always kind of be off in the shadows. We were trying to use those animal truths to underpin the story so we sort of figured Scar and Mufasa couldn’t really be from the same gene pool.”

The movie does hint that Scar and Mufasa are not directly related as brothers. During the movie, Scar told Mufasa “I’m from the shallow end of the gene pool,” when Mufasa confronted Scar about his absence at Mufasa’s son Simba’s coronation.

It is not clear if the subject will be brought up in the forthcoming “Lion King” live-action remake that is slated to be released in July 2019.

So, what do you think of this news? A lot of people have conspiracy theories when it comes to Disney films…. have you heard any?



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