This week as some of you know, the internet blew up over some new mouse ears that arrived at Disney Parks.  The coveted “rose gold” sparkly ears….. ah yes.  Once word hit, Disney Parks were flooded with shoppers trying to get their hands on a pair of these lovely headbands.  I mean, flooded.  So much so that the parks sold out rather quickly.  I went looking for a pair on Thursday and had no luck.  After asking around, I heard that WDW was completely sold out. Disneyland wasn’t much better. The photo below shows the carnage left at the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney.  What a mess, those poor Cast Members. (photo cred, Anna Bees)

This isn’t the first time people went crazy over new items in the parks. Remember the popular Cinderella popcorn buckets? That was two years ago, and people were buying them up in mass quantities. At the time, I had received a lot of messages from readers, asking where they can get the bucket, and it really was hit or miss. Ebayers were scooping them up and over charging for them, double and triple in price. And people were buying them. That makes it hard for the average Disney-goer, who is on vacation and just wants a nice souvenir. It spoils it for them. Eventually, Disney had plenty in stock and there was no need to shop Ebay. I actually still see them in the parks, the hype is over. I feel bad for those who overpaid for them.

The same thing is happening with the rose gold mouse ears. I’ve seen them on Ebay for $125.00, and they’re only around $24 in the parks. That’s awful. Again, people buy a large amount then ridiculously upcharge the average shopper. Sure doesn’t seem right to me, but what do I know? I’m going to show my age here, but do you remember in the 90’s when McDonald’s had the Ty Beanie Babies in their Happy Meals? People were going crazy over them. The lines at McDonald’s all over town were packed. I worked in an office at the time, and our manager bought $50 worth of Happy Meals almost daily, trying to get the full set. Needless to say, all of us ate a lot of burgers during this time, because he couldn’t eat 50 burgers a day! People were selling them online and in auctions for ridiculous prices then as well. Eventually, the frenzy was over and all the craziness was over. I probably still have a few of them if I looked hard enough. Not worth all that money…. or daily burger eating.

Lets throw it back even further than Beanie Babies. When I was little, Cabbage Patch Kids came out, and people stormed the toy stores for them that Christmas. I wanted one SO bad, and I did get one. Afterwards, I found out my poor mother had to fight the crowds at Toys R Us to get me a doll. She said people were pushing, taking dolls out of other people’s shopping carts, it was a mess. I still have that doll, I loved her. Again, within a few years, there were no toy store brawls over Cabbage Patch Kids. If people are patient and wait, just like with Disney novelties, eventually you’ll get your hands on what you want.

Since moving closer to Walt Disney World, I see the shopping controversies all the time. It could be Pandora beads, Disney pins, Disney Dooney and Bourke purses… all of that applies. Just to see, when the Epcot festivals start, we usually check Ebay on opening day, and within minutes, there are Dooney’s online for double the price that you pay at the parks. For Epcot’s Flower and Garden Fest this year, they had pretty mouse ears, and those quickly sold out. I’m sure you can find them online. So, how do we remedy the shopping dilemma’s where Disney is concerned? Truthfully, I’m not sure if there is an answer. For one, patience would be a good start. Yes, the item you want might be out of stock, but if you keep checking back or watch the Disney Parks Shopping app, you’ll probably be able to order what you want. I’m not talking about limited edition items, or items with value. My husband collects comics and such, and I know once they’re gone, they’re gone. Disney shopping though, on regular items, eventually they’ll get more of them. I don’t recommend paying double or triple on Ebay. It’s not necessary. Speaking of Ebay, to me, that’s so not fair. People go and buy up the inventory, just to make a profit. Disney has tried to prevent this from happening, by allowing only so many of a certain style or product sold per person. People get around that “limit two” or whatever amount rule by bringing friends with them and doing separate transactions. I guess there’s always a way around the rules. I’m not sure how you can fix that, or if you can. It’s tough.

So, for those of you who are itching to get your hands on those beautiful rose gold mouse ears, hang in there. I’d love a pair too. Disney will restock them, and just like with everything else, you’ll be able to shop and buy them with ease once the hype dies down. I know for me, I’ll bee keeping my eyes peeled, and will report back once I find out the scoop. Happy Shopping everyone! ~M

*Featured image photo cred, Janel Adani

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