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It’s Wednesday evening and of course that means it’s time for our weekly check in with TMSM’s Adventures in Florida Living! We returned back to Florida yesterday, after taking one more summer trip, and that was to Michigan to see family. I’m exhausted, but that’s been the theme this summer. Oh what an adventure this summer has been…. and now we’re wrapping things up because school starts tomorrow! Already! But first…. lets chat!

We rolled back into Florida just before lunchtime yesterday, after driving through the night from Michigan. Driving all night is tiring, but seems faster, less traffic and all. Plus the kids are quiet because they’re sleeping through most of it, so there’s that too. I don’t hear “what state are we in” every half hour! Our visit to Michigan went by so fast. Usually we stay longer, but being that school is getting ready to start, a shorter visit was what we had to fit in. I can’t complain though, it was nice. Spending time with my family and friends is so important, I value the time I have with them so much more now. We walked around my old neighborhood, as their annual street fair was going on last weekend. Completely surreal. It’s the strangest feeling, walking down streets that were such a huge part of my life, that are now mostly just a memory. It feels like a lifetime ago. The street fair was something I looked forward to every year. I’d put the boys in the wagon and walk up there with my mom. Browsing and buying things I want and don’t necessarily need. Getting the kids snow cones and trinkets that they’d want, just enjoying that time. Just a memory. But a good memory. I asked the kids if they miss all of that, and they said they do, but not enough to move back there. Hmm. I can understand that. I miss it too, but we do love our lives in Florida as well. We tried to make the most of our visit home, there’s a lot to squeeze in within a week, but we did our best. We went to Wahlburgers in Detroit, MotorCity Casino, had dinner at our favorite restaurants, swam and made s’mores in my parents backyard, and enjoyed the mild weather. The night before we left we met family for dinner for hugs and one more goodbye. I’m thankful that we got to see everyone, and I know that Christmas time will be here fast, so it won’t be too long before we see them again.

As I stated, school starts tomorrow… to my dismay. I’m still not used to that, it’s so early. Last night after we rested a bit, we took the boys out for dinner. We were talking about what an adventurous summer it has been. No matter what we do or where we go, I never want them to lose perspective on how blessed we are when we get to do fun things or visit new places. It’s not taken for granted. Adventure is out there…. and we sure found it. It was a summer of road trips and new experiences. We worked a table at Magic City Con in Alabama and got to meet new people and Main Streeters who follow what we do. That’s awesome. Also awesome was finally going to California to see the Disneyland Resort and cover the D23 Expo. I still can’t believe we went, I never anticipated us being able to make that happen, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Taking my boys to Disneyland has long been on my “hopefully someday” list and it sure didn’t disappoint. They loved every second of it and can’t wait to go back at some point. Same here, I’d love to go back to Disneyland too. Even after our work trips, we squeezed in family time in Michigan, that’s too important to miss. Sure, it’s been busy, and I feel like we haven’t been home much, but it’s ok. Summer flew, but for good reasons. There are times I feel guilty that I can’t do more for my kids. Being small business owners, we struggle at times, and it’s not always easy. However… we have something that’s truly more valuable, and that’s time together. Kids grow so fast, and I know I’m on borrowed time with them wanting to spend time with me. I may not be able to buy them the latest and greatest electronics or keep up with what some of their friends have, but I do my best to take them places, spend quality time with them, and hopefully give them memories that will always stay in their hearts and minds. Being a mom has been my greatest joy, and school starting is always bittersweet. You find balance, learning to let go a little, but still wanting to hang on to them. I’m a work on progress, always. This summer may be over for us, but I’ll always remember the adventures we had these past two months. Thank you God for the experience. I just pray they have a safe and happy school year. Same goes to all of you out there getting ready to start a new school year! We got this!

Well, that’s it for this week. I have lots to do to get the kids ready for school tomorrow, plus have that little cry like I usually do the night before. Ugh, I’m such a sap. Thank you all for keeping up with me and my crew each and every week. I do my best to share our experiences with you, and I hope you have enjoyed our adventures this summer as well. It’s been crazy, but I wouldn’t trade any of it. Until next week, sending you all love, blessings and pixie dust. See ya real soon! ~M

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