For those unfamiliar with AMC Theaters, they can be found across the United States, even in Disney Springs and Downtown Disney. This week AMC and Disney made an announcement that will make most Disney Princess fans squeal with delight, and threw an unannounced curve ball that had me happy dancing in the middle of my local theater. First let me start with that curveball because you don’t want to miss this!
Yesterday I went to my local AMC to see “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets” when I was coming out of the theater something funny caught my eye, the “Now Showing” screen for the theater across from us said “Disney’s The Lion King.” Now I knew about the Princess info I have yet to share with you, but not this, so to the guest services desk I went. My friends, you MUST get to your local AMC by this Wednesday August 9 because they are not only playing the original Lion King, they are also running the sing-a-long version at select times. Having never seen The Lion King on the big screen we went last night, and happened to end up in a sing-a-ling version and it was amazing because there were actually other Disney fans there and we all had a great time!

Now on to the announced news that we actually don’t have to rush off to see this week like we do with The Lion King! This week Disney and AMC announced an “epic Disney Princess movie extravaganza.” From September 8 through October 13 Disney Princess fans will be able to visit select AMC movie theaters to see some of their favorite Disney Princess films on the big screen. The “Dream Big, Princess Marathon” will be screened at 304 AMC locations across the United States.Each movie will play at 2:00 pm and 6 pm for one week, giving you fourteen chances to see each movie in the marathon! I realized last night, that this marathon will give me a a chance to see Mulan on the big screen for the first time, so I am sure there are many Main Streeters who will be excited to either take someone to these movies for that very same reason. But let’s get back to business, the AMC Theaters “Dream Big, Princess Marathon” line-up is as follows:

  • 9/15-9/21 Beauty and the Beast
  • 9/22-9/28 Mulan
  • 9/29-10/5 Tangled
  • 10/6-10/12 The Princess and the Frog
  • 10/13-10/19 Brave

If you happen to live in California you can also visit the El Capitan Theatre to see the “Dream Big, Princess Marathon” and meet that week’s princes after the movie! From 9/27-10/1 the El Capitan will also be airing Moana (not available at the AMC marathon.) While not all of the Disney Princess movies are being aired, I personally hope this means we will see The Little Mermaid and the rest of the “Dream Big, Princess” heroines on the AMC screen soon! Tickets are available on the AMC and El Capitan websites now for the “Dream Big, Princess” movies, and the AMC site for this week’s Lion King special event!

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