Today In Disney History ~ August 5th

Today In Disney History ~ August 5th 1

Today In Disney History ~ August 5th

Disney Dream Desk PC Built by Medion specs and features
By ED STEELE Published 8/7/04
Here it is, Mouseketeers! The official PC of Neverland has arrived, but the Disney Dream Desk PC seems like a mixed bag to us. On the one hand, it is a nice looking system for kids with an Intel® Celeron® D 330 2.66GHz processor with 256k of L2 Cache, 256MB DDR RAM and a front side bus running at 533MHz. Microsoft Windows® XP Home with an ATI RADEON— 9100 PRO IGP graphics card makes it perfect for fighting Captain Hook (in games, anyway) and the multimedia (M i) keyboard with Optical Pen and built-in cradle is perfect for kids who want to draw. The 14.1″ TFT LCD flat-panel display, 40 GB Hard Drive, CDRW/DVD and internal modem plus built-in Ethernet port rounds out the feature list (although we would rather see the whole setup be Mickey Mouse black rather than powder blue – where’s the pink gear for girls, Walt? Girls use computers too!) There’s TONS of kids software that comes with this rig, which may explain the price tag: $950. Seems steep to us, but as all of us have witnessed before the screams of “BUY ME THIS! BUY ME THIS!” have a way of quickly loosening parent’s pocketbooks. We’re betting Disney is aware of this, too.
Strangley enough, any attempts to go to the website from this PC will cause it to send an encoded signal to the FCC, resulting in grey-skinned men wearing black trenchcoats arriving at your doorstep and carting you and your youngun’s away in a strange limo with no license plates. (Just foolin’!)
Today In Disney History ~ August 5th 2TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart;

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