Here is the complete list of panels that will not allow recording at this year’s D23 Expo!

  • Pixar / Feature Animation session Friday in Hall D23
  • Studio Live Action Presentation on Saturday in Hall D23
  • The Power of the Princess
  • World of Pixar
  • Olaf’s Frozen Adventure
  • Evolution of Pixar Characters

For these panels expect to have to put your cell phones and cameras in a opaque plastic bags that have a seal upon entry, the bags are similar to plastic mailing bags. The bag will be given to you prior to your entering the presentation room. D23 started using this option at the 2013 D23 Expo and in our opinion it is a lot easier than them collecting and returning your phone like they do at some events. Please know that D23 security will be walking the aisles during these presentations looking for people that are trying to break the rules, and in the case of Hall D23 panels that don’t allow recording, security has been known to use night vision goggles to see devices light up. Here are a few reminders for those that will be sealing your phones up during these panels:

  • Remember to silence or turn off your phone before putting it in the bag. The last thing you need is your cell phone playing the Kim Possible alert during a key announcement. (so the drama!!)
  • Make sure that you remind your friends and family members you will be without social media, calls etc prior to the panel and during the panel.
  • Wear a watch in case you have to keep track of the time if you usually depend on your phone to tell you what time it is.
  • In 2015 they made guests seal their smart watches in the bag with their phones. We aren’t sure if they will do that again, so plan for the worst case scenario and hope for the best. But honestly since iWatch and Samsung Gear let you record audio, don’t be surprised if they make you seal your smart watch up this year too.

If a panel is not listed above that means you will be able to use your camera or cell phone. But please remember to be considerate of those around you. Here are a few things to remember that people forget in their excitement at Expo:

  • Remember during the panels that allow recording to be considerate of others and to use the zoom option instead of the “wave your camera in the air like you just don’t care” option that ruins others view. Remember to keep your phone and camera in your “head bubble.” The photo above actually has two versions. This one and the one where the other media rep shoved their phone up in the air. Obviously if I was capable of using a Canon 70D and not putting it up in people’s way and getting this shot, he was capable of keeping his iPhone 6 down in his “head bubble” one row ahead of me.
  • If you are taking photos on the show floor, take a moment and check your “rear view mirror” before you just stop to take a photo. Your auto insurance won’t cover rear end collisions inside on Expo show floor.
  • If you are taking photos of Cosplayers, make sure to ask them first, and if they say no because they need to get some where respect that they have panels they want to attend too! Also if you plan on posting those Cosplayer photos on a social media page that isn’t your personal account, make sure you have business cards to hand out so the people you are taking photos of know where to go see the photos you took of them. NEVER sell photos of the Cosplayers you take photos unless you have their approval in writing.

TURN OFF YOUR FLASH!! Don’t blind the people around you.

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