Amazon Prime Day Starts Tonight And They Have Great Items To Use At Disney!

For those of you familiar with Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Day starts tonight at 9PM ET/6 PM CT and oh my they have some GREAT items for in the Disney Parks and packing that will be on sale!! For those unfamiliar with Amazon Prime, or Prime Day, let me fill you in! Amazon Prime is a service from that we shared with you a few months ago. Prime Day is a day when Amazon releases special deals to Prime members. On Prime Day special items go on sale at a select time until they sell out. The times are very clearly noted, but supplies can be limited so you want to be ready to go when the window open, which is also when you will see the Prime Day discounted price.
If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account you can get a FREE 30 day trial to Amazon Prime and be able to check out all the features before having to pay anything extra. To cancel, you don’t even have to call anyone, you can do it online. If you do decide to keep your membership, Amazon offers both a monthly and yearly plan. The monthly plan is only $10.99 and a full year is $99. That is cheaper than most of the music or video streaming companies out there and it’s from a trusted company like Amazon. To sign up today for the FREE 30 day trial click HERE.
But now, I get to tell you the real reason for this article. Those great items I mentioned earlier! Several of the items I have shared with you before and you have loved for Disney travel will be included in Amazon Prime Day!!!

Camelbak Bottles Starts for Prime members at 8:59pm Luggage Cubes  Starts for Prime members at 5:09am

Hand Sanitizer Multi Packs Starts for Prime members at 8:54am Anker Phone Camera Lens Kit 180° Fisheye, 0.65x Wide Angle, 10x Macro Starts for Prime members at  7:29am

Anker PowerCore 15600 mAh External Battery Pack Starts for Prime members at 4:14amAnker PowerCore 10000 Starts for Prime members at 12:29pm

BESTEK Travel Adapter Starts for Prime members at  8:54am
Anker PowerCore+ 10050 Premium Aluminum Portable Charger Starts at 8:59pm
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