Here’s the first blog of the series that we did awhile back. More coming, so please tell us your experiences and things you have overheard too. You could be featured in an upcoming blog! Enjoy!


Disney Parks are so busy all the time, the “down” times when the parks used to be less crowded seem like they’re going away. Busy parks means longer lines for attractions. Some rides and such are so hard to get a FastPass for, and some we’re willing to just wait it out and take our chances on how long it will take. While standing in these lines, we start to get to know our “neighbors” and hear various conversations being had by other guests waiting their turn. Even if you don’t mean to be nosy, you still hear what other people are talking about, and frankly, sometimes it’s funny! So, I thought it would be amusing to write down some of my favorite things overheard by other guests while standing in attraction lines…. here we go!

“I keep looking on the map, and I don’t see where the Cookie Monster meet and greet is.” Look all you want to, Cookie Monster isn’t here!

“This place (MK) would be great for Marlene’s engagement party. Too bad she doesn’t deserve it.” Sour grapes maybe? Poor Maureen!

“I think there’s enough chlorine in the pools so that if kids potty in it, it doesn’t matter.” That one was just gross, no words.

“Wow, you would look so different with straight teeth.” I wasn’t sure where that girl was going with that one, but her friend gave her the stink eye.

“Mommy, when Ariel loses her fins and gets legs, does everyone see her butt?” Just hysterical, and a good question too.

“That’s not Elsa, even I know that. Where’s the real one?” Little girl watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Right on kid, the Elsa’s have been a rough one to copy, we understand.

“Now, once the fireworks start, all you adults are going to move so the kids can get up front right?” This lady approached a photography group who had tri-pods set up for two hours in a secluded spot to get pictures. There was room for all, but she didn’t care. The photo crew said, “well, no, we’re not moving the tripods but the kids are welcome to share the space.” She replied “too bad you didn’t get to enjoy Disney Magic as a kid.” Wow. Have a Magical Day lady!

“I hear you can get some great Margaritas back near Dumbo in Fantasyland.” Really, where?

“My favorite country at World Showcase is Greece.” I must have missed that one on the map. Maybe that’s where Cookie Monster is hiding out.

“I paid too much money for this vacation, and you kids would rather play video games in the room than have fun at the “bleeping” Happiest Place on Earth!” I felt sorry for this lady.

“The Cast Members give out free gifts to certain people at the end of the night.” I’ve never gotten anything, must not have been chosen yet!

In addition to people watching, being mindful of what’s being talked about around you can be just as entertaining. Sure, we’d never put our own two cents into the equation, but it’s interesting to hear what others have to say in their own circles. Have you ever heard some funny conversations at Disney? I’ll keep my ears open for more, I hope you enjoyed this and at least got a laugh! ~M

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4 thoughts on “Funny Things Overheard While Standing in Line at Disney”
  1. On our Disney trip in the 80’s, my sister was the person overheard. We were waiting for the train and some birds were hopping around on the ground. She got down pretty close and looked at them and they did not fly away. She asked, very seriously, “Are these real?” The rest of the family answered, “yes.” She said, “How can you be sure Mr Disney didn’t make them?” We still laugh about it all these years later.

  2. This article had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of one of my favorite things that I have ever heard while in WDW, but mine was said by a Cast Member. My husband and I were at the Affection Section in AK pretty close to their closing time. Because we were there later in the day a couple of the goats were getting a little agitated, because they knew that it was almost dinner time, and were head butting each other. The CM was standing there telling a group of children “Please do not pet the goats right now. They are not playing. You could get injured.” Not one child (or parent!) even acknowledged that she was speaking! My husband and I looked at the poor CM and she looked us dead in the eye and said “I just tell myself that they don’t speak English”. Still makes me laugh. I still feel so bad for her! Next time you’re in WDW make sure to say ‘Thank you’ to a Cast Member. They deal with so much everyday.

  3. This was kind of funny while standing in line a family in front of us was like I thought Disney World would be bigger but it’s just the MK! After we finished laughing I had to tell them this isn’t all of Disney World! The Magic Kingdom is a big part of Disney World but it’s not all of Disney World! Lol!

  4. Okay, so this is a bit of a long one. I was on the International College Program back in 2012-2013. A friend and I went to Blizzard Beach one day, and as we were waiting in line to get food, we heard the guest in front of us ask the Cast Member what made the vegetarian burger vegetarian. The boy would have been about 14-15, and the cast member just said, “well it’s a burger with no meat, it has a vegetarian pattie instead.” The kid turns around and says, “I don’t understand, how can it be a burger if it doesn’t have meat?” The CM just stood there looking at him, dumbfounded, while my friend and I were almost on the ground shaking with silent laughter XD

    Tl;dr kid couldn’t understand that a vegetarian burger, even though it doesn’t have meat, is still a burger

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