Dressing with a little Disney flair is always fun. I like adding some Disney accents to my style, but sometimes it’s expensive to do. Well, one way you can Disney up your Summer wardrobe is by checking out WalMart! Yes, WalMart! We went to our local WalMart on Saturday morning and I happened to walk past the clothing and saw these super cute Disney shirts! Not only are the Disney shirts nice, they are also extremely affordable!

As you can see, the Little Mermaid tee shirt is only five dollars! That’s a steal! They had various tank tops in a lot of different character themes for around seven or eight dollars. The shirts that I saw were all adorable and everything was under ten dollars. The shirts and such at Disney World are lovely, truth be told, but you’re going to pay over thirty dollars for a shirt in the women’s department. Sometimes you have to watch what you spend, even keeping your love of all things Disney in mind, and WalMart is always great for that.

Previously, we mentioned that WalMart also has Disney themed pajamas as well. If you browse throughout the store, you’re bound to find more Disney goodies like socks, purses and bags, jewelry and more. I hope you find this information useful! Styles and sizes of course may vary from store to store, but you can also check online. Most times they will ship items to the Walmart of your choice at no charge to you! Happy Shopping everyone!

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