Kingdom Of Cute Vinylmation Series Is Coming Soon

I started collection Vinylmation the first time I saw them.  There was just something about those little “Mickey Mouse” style figures that I just had to have them.  I was a die hard collector for many years.   Over time though, I slowly stepped away from collecting them all and focus on specific sets or figures I want.

Disney in collaboration with WonderGround Gallery are releasing their newest series, Kingdom Of Cute.  The new series will debut on June 2, 2017 at D Street and WonderGround Gallery at the Disneyland Resort, Pin Traders and WonderGround Gallery in the Marketplace Co-Op at the Walt Disney World Resort.  This new series was created by Jerrod Maruyama and features classic icons from Disney.


This is definitely a series I would like to have, what about you?

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