Last year, the handbag designer Kate Spade came out with a Disney line, and fans went wild. When Disney Springs opened their new area, they put a Kate Spade store there, but the Minnie Mouse purses and such were hit or miss on what they still had, as the line was popular. Well, last night as I was leaving the Magic Kingdom, we stopped into Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, and low and behold, they had the Kate Spade purses! Take a look!

I was happy to see these adorable Disney designs being offered inside the park! My only question… Do you get any discounts, such a Annual Passholder savings? I have to go back and ask, as it was late and the store was busy. I’ll find out what I can! This line is available online as well! Happy Shopping Everyone!

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One thought on “Kate Spade Disney Line Now Available at the Magic Kingdom! #KateSpade”
  1. I know you said you willl see if any discounts apply… I would love to know if the Disney Visa discount applied to these items… and also, would I be able to use the Disney reward dollars I have earned to purchase?

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