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May 10, 2017

Why hello there my friends! It’s Wednesday night, that means it’s time for us to catch up with everything that has been going on here in Central Florida. Whew, it’s been busy, so lets not waste anytime, here we go!

Last Wednesday I cut our talk a little short because my parents were still in town and it was Scott’s birthday.  Instead of doing Disney for his birthday he chose Gatorland, which was fine because my parents had never been there.  So, we went to breakfast then went over to Gatorland for a few hours.  We all had a good time, but we always do there, it’s a fun park.  That evening we went out for dinner as a family, and in the morning we had to take my parents to the airport.  Their visit was fun, but it really went by too fast.  They enjoy it here in Florida, and we loving having them close by. I hope one day they decide to get a winter house here so our visits aren’t so long in between. Until then we’ll take what we can get, and I know we’ll see them before we know it, as summer is just around the corner.

Last weekend I pretty much had one goal in mind…. to take the boys to see Wishes one more time. I wrote about it earlier this week, so if you read that you know how that went. Oh my goodness. It was so crowded, and pretty emotional to tell you the truth. (I’ll link that blog below). Seeing a favorite show, one more time with my boys, I’ll never forget it. Change is hard, I really hate it for the most part. Sometimes certain things in our lives touch our hearts, create memories, and we hate to see them go. Like Wishes. My boys know nothing else at the Magic Kingdom in the evening, Wishes is it. We know the words to the song, we all have our favorite parts, we all have made a lot of memories… and it was time to say goodbye. I realize that the final show is tomorrow, but for us as a family, Saturday was it. Wishes will always hold a special place in my heart, and I’m so thankful that we all got to watch it one last time together. I’ll link the video of Wishes that we took that night at the bottom of the page!

So once the crying fest aka Wishes was over, we stopped in a store in Tomorrowland looking for the new Star Wars anniversary MagicBand. While waiting on Scott and the boys to finish browsing, the manager of the store saw my TMSM button on my bag and recognized us. She actually follows the site, so of course I had to chat with her a bit. I absolutely love meeting our readers, it’s a blessing to get to thank the people who follow us in person for being so great to us. Before leaving, she did something extra special for us. She made us this awesome photo below…. Haunted Mansion, my favorite! It made my night! Thank you again Tara in Tomorrowland for the extra magic, it’s awesome (and in a frame)!

This week has been busy, with more to follow. Disney has invited us to the local media day for Pandora on Friday in the morning. Be sure to watch our Facebook for live feeds, we’ll be covering all that we can. Then today, Disney sent us another invite to watch the new Fireworks show, Happily Ever After, in a special spot for media on Friday night. Being asked to come out to events by Disney direct is something that we’ve been working towards for YEARS, and I’m so thankful. At the end of the month, they’re having us out to a three day event, which we hope to see what’s coming in the near future for Disney Parks. It’s a big event, so stay tuned, we’ll keep you all updated! So much is coming up, May is proving to be a busy month!

All in all, it’s been a tiring but good week. My heart is pretty full. I had a wonderful visit with my parents, we were able to see Wishes with the kids, got some extra Disney magic from a wonderful Cast Member, and have media events coming up at Disney. OH, and my book is still getting all positive reviews and my new blog is doing pretty good. We are plugging along, and I know things will get easier as we go. I have a bad habit of worrying about things I can’t control, or letting my happiness get ruined with anxiety or focusing on the bad parts of life. I’m really trying to not do that, to focus on the good. It’s not always easy, but I’m working on it. Life is hard, we struggle with a lot, but at the end of the day, if I have my family and a few good friends around who support me, then I have everything. God is good. If you think of Wishes…. and the meaning behind it, it was always about making wishes, believing in your dreams, and holding out hope. That means so much, and I’m forever grateful to Disney for those memories. So until next week….. “Make a Wish, and Do as Dreamers Do… and all our WISHES will come true.” See ya real soon! ~M

My Wishes blog from the weekend ~


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