What Wishes means to Me ~ By Joe Diebold

To many, Wishes is just a night time fireworks show set to music. It signifies the end of a day of fun at the Magic Kingdom. But at the end of the day, although it’s just a fireworks show, to many others, Wishes has a deeper meaning that is forever apart of them.

When we go to Disney, Wishes is one of my most favorite things about the trip and thinking about it not being there the next time we are there just tears me up inside. Now to some you may think well that’s silly it’s just a fireworks show, but you would be very wrong.

Wishes means so much more than a fireworks show. Wishes is a little boy looking up at the night sky in awe of the lights flickering and his parents telling him to choose one and to make a wish. It’s about having a dream and letting it soar free and let it become something real. It’s about all the friends you have come to know over the years and all the wonderful times to have had together. It’s about a feeling of home and a place where you belong. It’s about true love and knowing those we love will always be with you no matter where they are.

I just want to thank Disney for all the magical memories that Wishes has brought to us. In the 14 years of watching we have shed tears of sadness and joy and we will keep on wishing and dreaming , crossing our heart so our wish can come true.


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