SeaWorld Orlando’s Summer Day Camp Registration Is Now Open!

Do you live in the Orlando area and can’t find anything to keep the kids busy this summer? Or are you even just planning on spending some quality vacation time in the area and would like to let the kids do something in the day while you enjoy some well deserved adult time? SeaWorld Orlando’s education summer day camp series may be the answer you are looking for! SeaWorld Orlando’s summer day camps offer kids “fun, quality educational experiences along with superior safety standards and low counselor-to-camper ratios.”

All SeaWorld Orlando summer day camps include a secure camper pick-up and drop-off system, a complimentary t-shirt and water bottle, fun activities and take-home crafts, and up-close animal encounters. Summer day camps for children in Kindergarten and up include lunch and snacks each day, and depending on the camp the opportunity to experience SeaWorld’s world-class rides with their class. Summer day camp prices may vary and most camps are held Monday – Friday from  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. For those that need it, after camp care is available from 3 to 5 pm for $75 per camper per week.

This year’s SeaWorld Orlando day camp options include:

  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Seafari Sea Camp (Pre-K) -Get ready to set sail alongside your little explorer. As a daring camper duo, you and your preschooler will chart an exciting course for fun and adventure while collecting a treasure trove of memories. You’ll dive into excitement as you mingle with dolphins, sing with sea lions and play with penguins. It’s a voyage you’re sure to remember after you discover all that we have in common with the animals in the sea! Pre-K camp price includes one adult and one child. Children participating in this program must be accompanied by an adult participant. Due to the extremely high popularity of this program, we are unable to offer spaces for additional adults.

  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Do You See What I Sea? Camp (K-1) – Peek-a-boo, I see you! Use all five of your senses to uncover what we have in common with ocean animals. Can you bark as loud as a sea lion? Can you smell as well as a shark? Do you love the taste of plants as much as a manatee? You won’t believe your eyes, ears, mouth, hands and nose after you’ve discovered how similar (or different) we are to the animals we interact with.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Sea Hideaway Camp (K-1) – Tag! You’re it. For the animals in the sea, it’s more than just a game of hide and seek. Search for all sorts of sneaky creatures as you discover how giant killer whales camouflage in the open ocean, why stingrays have flat bodies and where leafy sea dragons get their unique name. You’ll be amazed to learn the many ways and reasons why ocean animals hide; you might even find some surprises along the way!
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Secrets of the Sea Camp (K-1) – Pssst! Wanna know a secret? The animals in the sea are hiding tons of them! How is a walrus like a penguin? What makes sharks and dolphins different? What do you have in common with a killer whale? Play detective as you reveal a new secret each day and discover what similarities and differences ocean animals share. You might just uncover some of the greatest ocean mysteries.

  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Addresses Camp (Grades 2-3) – Grab your passport and get ready to jet! We’re off to meet some of the most fascinating animals in the world, right in their own backyards. Your new animal friends will welcome you to the neighborhood— whether it’s an icy glacier, sunny shoreline or deep ocean. Be sure to showcase your model citizenship by learning how to help keep these critter communities safe and healthy.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Ocean Odyssey Camp (Grades 2-3) – Do you fly south for the winter? Take a voyage alongside migrating species of animals as you distinguish between creatures that travel to find warmer waters, follow their food, or make nests along the beach. Journey from temperate Florida waters to frigid polar habitats to understand why ocean animals are often on the move.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s What’s for Lunch? Camp (Grades 2-3) – You’ll work up an appetite for fun during this weeklong venture into the smorgasbord of the sea. Cook up some good times as you learn how and where animals find their food and serve tasty treats to some of our favorite animal friends. The menu varies depending on the species, so make sure you remember what dishes carnivores, herbivores and omnivores love best.

  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Antics Camp (Grades 4-5) – Have you ever wondered how SeaWorld trainers teach dolphins to leap high into the sky or how we weigh our heaviest killer whales? Come along and learn all about animal behavior and training from the experts. You’ll see our animal shows in a whole new light after meeting our trainers and hearing about the deep connections they have with the animals in their care. You may even pick up some tips on how your cat or dog can learn from you at home!
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Feeding Frenzy Camp (Grades 4-5) – Take a peek inside our kitchen and help us serve up some of the 4,000 pounds of food that our dolphins, sea lions and stingrays go through each day. Learn why our keepers stock our refrigerators with tons of yummy entrees for over 41,000 animals and what your favorite animals love to eat most.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Walk on the Wild Side Camp (Grades 4-5) – Take a trek through some of the world’s most diverse habitats to discover how different species of animals are perfectly adapted to fit in. You’ll journey through land and sea on your way to both poles and all the way back to Florida to experience the range of environments that different species call home. Whether you prefer snow or sunshine, you’re sure to get along with animals (and new friends) from all over the globe!

  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Wild Careers Camp (Grades 6-8) – Are you on the prowl for an exciting career working with animals? Whether you’re interested in training dolphins or caring for sharks, you’re sure to find your calling amongst the seven zoological departments here at SeaWorld. Meet the specialists behind our animal training and rescue programs and become a keeper by recording observations and information about a variety of animals. You’ll be ready to open your own zoo after designing model habitats that reflect your passion for conservation and wildlife.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Marine Biology 101 Camp (Grades 6-8) – Get ready to dive fins first into the world of marine biology. Study dolphin behavior, penguin diets and sea turtle migration, all while learning from the experts. Discover why scientists and researchers work alongside zoos and aquariums to share invaluable information about how we impact nature. You’ll make your mark by conducting hands-on experiments and interacting with some of your favorite animals.
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Sciences Camp (Grades 6-8) – Science is all about test tubes and microscopes, right? Think again! Here at SeaWorld, we use a variety of sciences—including biology, psychology, chemistry and more—to study and care for our animals. Our habitats, shows and behind-the-scenes areas become your laboratory as you learn how environmental and behavioral factors impact different groups of animals and people. No text books or beakers required!

Most camps are held on the following weeks June 5th – June 9th; June 12th – June 16th; June 19th – June 23rd; June 26th – June 30th; July 3rd – July 7th; July 10th – July 14th; July 17th – July 21st; July 24th – July 28th and July 31st – August 4th. For pricing and more details please visit SeaWorld Orlando’s website!

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