Our First Look at Pandora, World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom #VisitPandora

Our new staffer Chris has been to the all new Pandora at Animal Kingdom this week, and he’s telling us all about it! IF you don’t want ANY details about this new area until you can see it for yourself, then skip the info below. If you want a sneak peak, keep on scrolling down! Enjoy!

Keltxì Travelers! Chris here!

I just got back from my excursion on the new Pandora at Animal Kingdom! I had quite the adventure and there’s lots to share with you! After traveling 4.4 Light-years to the distant moon of Pandora, I finally landed in the valley of Mo’ara. I was greeted by this extravagant alien plant in which I can’t even tell you name of! Upon closer inspection it’s very sensitive to the touch and the more irritated it gets the more it builds up pressure and expels out water! Very interactive! So stand clear if you don’t want to get hit by it!

As I moved along and rounded the corner, I come across the vast floating mountains in the center of Mo’ara, what an amazing sight!! How they’re floating is quite mesmerizing in it’s own unique way! While taking in the sights of the valley you have to listen closely to the ambient noises across the valley, the longer you stay, you’ll notice how the different nature and animal sounds change throughout the day and into the evening accounting for the different animals that are active.

I then came across a beautiful totem showcasing the Shaman of Songs where she resides in the beautiful bioluminescent forest. I boarded a small canoe and I was off. Pandora is beautiful during the day, but even more mesmerizing at night! Oh how the different plants light up! What an amazing beauty! As we continued through the forest I started hearing beautiful music filtering through the air. The closer we got, the music got louder and louder, when we rounded the bend, there she was, in all her splendid glory. The Shaman of Songs herself! Creating such tantalizing music and chorus for our ears to listen. This river journey is definitely worth traveling!

After exiting the forest I headed over to the former RDA labratory that is now home to the PCI, or known as the Pandoran Conservation Initiative. Here they’re learning more about the Mountain Banshee, or in the Na’vi term the Ikran, and how to preserve and protect the species. They were also allowing us access to be able to actually link with an Avatar, a genetic copy of a Na’vi mixing the DNA from the Na’vi, and a compatable human DNA. Once you are genetically matched you head to a link chamber and board a link chair. After you’re strapped in you are linked up with your Na’vi counterpart that could be up to 1,000 kilometers away!

Unfortunately a carbon storm was approaching and the Banshees were getting a little tempormental, so they were not in the mood for flying, so I was not able to experience this thrill for myself, but one day I’ll travel back to the moon of Pandora and get to Sivako, or Rise to the Challenge, on my own Flight of Passage! (update, I rode today, it was amazing)

After leaving the labratory I stopped inside Wintraders, which is your normal everyday shop to pick up trinkets and clothing materials. Here is where you’re also able to adopt your very own Mountain Banshee! Upon exiting the store I came across one of the Expats from when the instillation used to be run by RDA. It has since been converted to a little hut called Pongu Pongu, or in the Na’vi language, Party Party! Here you can purchase specialty alchoholic and non-alchoholic beverages. Right next door is the Satu’li Canteen which used to be the Mess Hall for the military forced hired to protect the base. It has since been trasnformed and decorated by the natives with tribal decor and still has that small human touch. I do have to say the food was quite delectible and also quite healthy for you! I’ve since had a build your own bowl with Chicken, whole grain and rice base, and a creamy herb dressing. I also had the pleasure on having these delicious cheeseburger steamed pods, they’re so unique!

If you’re traveling to the Valley of Mo’ara and have a tight budget, you need not worry! Everything from the food at Satu’li and inside Windtraders is up everyone’s alley. There are a few items on the pricy side of things, but all in all, it would definitely be worth the price! Sadly my time on Pandora came to an end and had to travel back to Earth. I came to bond with nature and learn about a whole new world of animals and culture. I didn’t want to leave! But all travels must come to an end. Until next time Pandora!

I thank you for taking the time to read this. Make sure to plan your own travels to the beautiful moon of Pandora- The World of Avatar, beginning May 27th!!

*We thank Chris for the scoop and photos, well done! Stay tuned next week for more from Pandora, as we will be doing the media day and Annual Passholder previews! ~M

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