What Would You Change About Disney Parks? ~ Read Our Input Below!

Disney is our happy place, that I can’t deny.  Before moving to Florida, it was our only place to vacation at, nothing else compared. Now that we live here, we still go to Disney all the time.  However…. I think going to Disney all the time makes me a bit more aware of my surroundings, and I can really relate to our readers when they have a complaint or concern, because I can see where they’re coming from (not that I can change it of course).

There is so much going on at Walt Disney World, and a few weeks back we were discussing things that we wish we could change at Disney, over in our FB group TMSM Fan Nation. The answers were pretty interesting, so I decided to share some with you! See if you agree!

Freddie Cesare ~ I would also change Pecos Bills back to Hamburgers and Hotdogs and get rid of the tacos. (my two cents, at least bring back the taco salad!)

Donna Keefer Peterson ~ Add Dr Pepper!

Phil Kirton ~ Incorporate some Kingdom Hearts characters and merchandise to the parks because it’s one of the few Disney properties that I barely see a lot of.

Kyra von Christierson ~ Well right now it would be to get more Jungle Cruise merchandise!
I would definitely change the Quick Serve food- it’s either pretty okay or God awful and it isn’t cheap enough to warrant gambling on how good it’ll be. I’m definitely not complaining about price- but quality. It’s still a better deal and quality than anything I’ve had at other parks around Orlando though.

Liz Meehan ~ Bring out some of the rarer characters more often.

Robert Carlson ~ More for boys. The younger girls have lots of character dining options but nothing really for boys. Maybe they could do a pirates themed meal or toy story meal or something.

Alexis Nichols ~ The FastPass system, I hate it! I don’t like planning my days that much in advance. I miss the old machines.

Melissa Latta ~ Disney Springs drop off! They need to go back to dropping people off where they are actually wanting to go! The large Disney stores! It’s way too confusing. Also, I think if you are a annual pass holder, you should be able to enjoy Extra Magic Hours without having to stay onsite.

Tara Queen-Custodio ~ Bring back the cheese sauce!

Kharla Salazar ~ Have Flynn Rider and Prince Naveen meeting regularly and not just during special parties.

Cinthia Drake ~ Lower the price of some of the merchandise.

Robin Applegate Martincavage ~ This may sound petty, but last November we were at WDW during a heat wave (90s). I realized that in AK there is no place to sit! The other parks have spots you can use ( I.e. low walls around a fountain, etc). It was very hot, and I’m no young kid. I really needed to rest, and there was no place to sit.

Fran DeSiati Weinstein ~ Traffic lanes for strollers & scooters like on roads (keep right), instead of playing bumper cars trying to get around. I can’t walk the parks like I used to because of age, arthritis & other health issues but I hate the scooters because it’s so hard to maneuver without running into walkers.

Vikki Kleiner ~ Turn Innoventions into Stark Industries!!

Heather Lash ~ I wish they’d reduce the prices on the merchandise, I think it’s become really ridiculous in the last few years. I know we always pay a premium for original or authentic Disney items, but these days I feel like everything has just pushed that premium a little too far.

Stacey Thompson ~ Make the gift shops more unique again. I don’t want to see the same stuff everywhere.

Ashley Elizabeth ~ More villain character meet and greets outside of the parties, a villain themed character dining, more villain themed merchandise, and a villain themed area of the park. Bring back Mr Toads wild ride.

Holly Balasia ~ Maybe not book all the tables with reservations. Save some tables for spontaneous people or locals who don’t know when they are going to go to the park.

Bob Davis ~ All I want is the Monte Cristo returned to the menu of the Columbia Harbour House. Just that. Well, and maybe a few more tables over at Harambe Market … that place is kind of a zoo at lunchtime.

Diane Miller ~ I’ve always wanted more countries in World Showcase.

These are all very interesting suggestions. There were other comments, most deals with crowd issues and prices. For me? My biggest complaint at Disney, or at least one of them? Getting out of the Magic Kingdom at night, especially on the weekends or busy times. It takes forever to get back to your car. Leaving the park, the lines for the monorail are so long, and the ferry lines are worse. Have mercy, just awful. Then there’s the long tram lines. It’s taken over an hour sometimes just to get back through the parking lot. I wish there was a better way to get back to your car after a long Magic Kingdom day. There, I said it. Not to sound snarky, I promise!

So, what about you? If you could change something about the happiest place on earth, what would it be? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “What Would You Change About Disney Parks? ~ Read Our Input Below!”
  1. I wish I could get real butter in the food court at the hotel. In my case that’s Pop Century. It doesn’t have to be free. We could pay for it just like we pay for peanut butter. A Mickey waffle would be even better with butter.

  2. I rely on a scooter. I would love it if you could rent a scooter, ride it up to the bus at the hotel, get on the bus and take a seat. The bus driver could notify the park that he was arriving with X number of guests that needed scooters. Someone could have scooters ready when we got off the bus. When going back to the hotel, reverse the process. That way no loading scooters onto the buses, keeping everyone else waiting and taking up enough room for four people on the bus.

  3. The cheese sauce!

    Make the entire property non-smoking. No exceptions.

    The margarita stand in Epcot needs to make its return.

    Bring back three hour evening EMH.

    Better quick service in the Magic Kingdom. The only edible thing in the whole park is the salad at Pecos Bills.

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