New Merchandise For Pandora – The World of Avatar Revealed #VisitPandora

April 27, 2017 , ,

While Pandora – The World of Avatar isn’t scheduled to officially open to the public until May 27, this morning Disney was nice enough to share some of the amazing new Pandora merchandise that will soon be available at Windtraders, the primary merchandise location in Pandora. This new line of Parks merchandise is like nothing we have ever seen before and comes from a partnership between Walt Disney Imagineering and Lightstorm Entertainment.

Disney announced that several artists are behind this amazing new line of Park Merchandise. The cave painting art featured on several items is based on sketches by Imagineer Joe Rohde. Casey Jones Disney Consumer Products Senior Character Artist is “responsible for illustrations and toy designs while serving as gatekeeper for all the art used on merchandise.” In his designs Casey “explored different stylizations of the Shaman of Songsfrom the Na’vi River Journey attraction.”Even artists from the upcoming Avatar movies were involved in creating some of the artwork used in the new Pandora merchandise line! Daphne Yap, a member of the film production team, created digital renderings of Banshee totems and Na’vi weavings that can be seen on several of the new items. The bioluminescent images that will be found on home decor, clothing, accessories and more, were inspired by the Na’vi River Journey and Valley of Mo’ara were created by the upcoming Avatar movie sequels’ Co-Production Designer Dylan Cole.It was also announced that the patches that were designed to “represent different experiences guests will have while visiting Pandora” will be on various pieces of merchandise and that select patch designs will be a part of the “Intergalactic Passport Kit from Alpha Centauri Expeditions” kit which will come with a passport, button, photo ID badge and sticker pages. And don’t forget that Discovery Trading Company is where you can currently purchase the limited edition countdown pin series we told you about in March! The final pin in the series will be released May 4!

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