The New Magic Kingdom Security Check Points ~ And why it’s better!

We reported a few weeks back that the security check points at Disney’s Magic Kingdom were going to be moved.  Instead of standing in line for the security check in front of the park, guests were going to be checked at the TTC instead.  I wasn’t sure how this would go, but truthfully, I like it!

The changes have been good, but of course take time to get used to. Instead of being able to walk right past the ticket area at the TTC, they have shrubs up to divert you back to the front, see above. You’ll get lead to the center of the TTC, and that’s where the bag check and metal detectors are.

The lines go SO much faster now that they’re at the TTC, rather than at the front gates of the park. SO much faster. Disney security gets you through the lines quickly, then you’re free to hop on the monorail or ferry boat! You don’t have the big clustered mess in front of the train station at the park anymore. When you get off the boat or monorail, it’s smooth sailing, you can walk right up to the magic band check points and go on about your day. Easy peasy!

Disney unfortunately had to ramp up security in late 2015 because of all the scary events across the world. I knew it would take them time to figure out the best way to keep guests safe, and not cause too much inconvenience, and it seems they have found it! Always keep in mind, Disney does these extra precautions for our own safety, and the guards do their job the best they can! I for one am glad. Stay tuned for more scoop from the parks as we hear!

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2 thoughts on “The New Magic Kingdom Security Check Points ~ And why it’s better!”
  1. Hi Fran,
    We have been through the new area a few times now and each time seems to be getting a bit better. As far as those on buses, they are checked near the front of the Magic Kingdom still. As far as a guest that comes on the monorail from one of the resorts, they are now checked before entering the monorail.

    The previous way, the wait that was in front of the Magic Kingdom when you had all the people from TTC, resorts, bus and boats, was chaotic with so many in one area. From the security lines being very long to the lines getting in the park, this has alleviated some of the crowd so it’s not so many in one area. So far this seems to be working much better, at least that is our experience so far.

    Thank you,

  2. We were there 2 weeks ago and thought the lines were horrible and very slow. How about people coming in on a bus or direct monorail from the resort that don’t use the TTC? Where are they checked? Our experience was the opposite of yours.

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