Ariel’s Sunken Easter Treasure Chests

Happy Easter!




Most everyone loves The Little Mermaid, and most everyone loves sweets! Here’s a cute craft that combines the two!

If you’re a mermaid who lives in the deep blue sea like Ariel does, you’re probably not going to find your Easter goodies nestled in a grassy basket. Still, look in the right place and you just might discover a sunken chest of holiday treats. Made from decorative cardstock, these miniature trunks — which quickly take shape with a few snips and folds — are designed to hold a small cache of jellybean pearls and other edible treasures.


What You’ll Need
Heavyweight scrapbook paper or cardstock
Lightweight scrapbook paper to line and trim the chest (optional)
Glue stick
White jellybeans, gold foil-covered chocolate coins, or other assorted candies
How To Make It
  • Print the template and cut it out.
  • If you want a chest that’s lined, glue the two sheets of paper together back to back. Otherwise, skip to step three.

  • Use the glue stick to apply 2 or 3 scant dabs of glue to the back of the template. Press the template lightly onto the paper lining so that it just sticks in place and use it as a pattern for cutting out a chest. Be sure to cut along all of the solid lines, including the side tabs. Then make creases where indicated by the dotted lines on the template. When you’ve finished, discard the template.

  • To assemble the chest, first glue together the side tabs.

  • Next, glue together the side tabs of the chest lid so that the bottom edges line up evenly.

  • For the finishing touch, if you like, trim the edges of the chest by gluing strips of leftover lining paper over them.

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