Walmart Exclusive Doll ~ Sing-A-Long Belle

Attention Beauty and the Beast Fans!

Just in time for the release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Walmart’s exclusive Belle doll hits shelves this Sunday, March 26. Belle comes with a magical microphone, allowing you and her to sing together, for a the perfect duet. Belle’s necklace and dress also light up as you sing, creating a magical tale as old as time.

Here’s the description ~

Create the perfect duet with Belle! The magical microphone can recognize who’s singing so you and Belle can Sing-A-Long together! First, place the microphone near Belle’s mouth to hear her sing the FULL LENGTH song “Beauty and the Beast” then start singing your favorite part with the Mic and have Belle pick up where you leave off! Pass the microphone back and forth to create the perfect duet and watch Belle’s necklace and dress light up as you Sing-A-Long to create a magical tale as old as time. Includes: Toddler Doll, Tiara, Real Working Microphone, Shoes, Batteries.

I received this doll today and she’s absolutely adorable. So if you have a Beauty and the Beast fan in your home, you’ll for sure want to check out this doll once she hit’s the shelves on the 26th! Thanks and happy shopping everyone! ~M

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