America has had its share of haunted places throughout history. From the east coast to the west coast stories of ghosts and spirits of the afterlife have rolled off the tongues of many people. Stories of ghosts and hauntings have had a place in history for hundreds of years. Stories of places like Alcatraz Prison, The Stanley Hotel, the Battlefields of Gettysburg, Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Wait, what? Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Yes, believe it or not there are a lot of stories and folklore out there that two of the most beloved places people enjoy visiting are in fact haunted. In this month’s haunted newsletter I am going to share some of the more famous stories involving the two parks. So sit back, relax and enjoy what I like to call Hauntings From the Happiest Place on Earth.

The first story of the evening is the story of a woman who approached Disney executives telling them about her son who had recently been killed. Her son loved the Haunted Mansion attraction and she wanted to spread his ashes throughout the ride. Well Disney of course said no. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Bound and determined the lady boarded the attraction and poured the ashes out; soon after this strange occurrences began to happen. Guests would report seeing a child running around in the ballroom scene or a little boy standing at the exit alone and crying. But by the time security would arrive there would be no child there. Castmembers have also reported hearing a child’s laughter when alone in the loading area of the ride.

***Photo from ghostsnghouls.com

The next tale, which is probably the most famous, is the story of George. George was one of the contractors working on the structure that would become Pirates of the Caribbean in Walt Disney World. One day while working he fell from a scaffold to an untimely death. Since the opening of the attraction in 1973 unexplained events have plagued the ride. There are often breakdowns for no apparent reasons. Female castmembers have reported that they have been “felt” by an unseen person. Later on in years an elderly woman would board the ride asking for a boat to herself. The lady would be seen on the security monitor weeping and talking to no one. It was later discovered that she was talking to her son George. Next time you’re riding the ride, see if you can spot “Georges Tower”. It’s located to the right of Carlos the Mayor’s house in the well scene. Legend has it that if a light is burning, it means George is home.

On Grad Night at Disneyland in 1967, a 17 year old was on the People Mover jumping from ride vehicle to ride vehicle. Needless to say, he accidently slipped and was killed by an oncoming People Mover vehicle. It’s said that he still haunts the ride. While he was alive it’s said that he was partial to females with blonde hair and to this day blonde females report that their hair was tugged during the ride.

There are many other stories that are told about the hauntings of the Disney parks such as a tan figure that strolls down Main Street U.S.A in Florida and a child that wonders around Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios. Maybe you’ve experienced a sighting or a strange occurrence on a visit to the park. If so let us know we’re dying to hear more of these…or at least I am.


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