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The Main Street Mouse has been around for seven years now, and truly is a labor of love.  We had no idea that our dream of a Disney community would grow into something so much bigger than we ever envisioned.  TMSM has the best members, and we appreciate each and every one of you!

We discovered a way for our members to donate to us, and get rewards in return. A member of TMSM suggested we try a donation site called Patreon, and we’re giving it a go! With Patreon, you can give a small amount, even just a dollar, and earn prizes depending on which tier level you choose, details on the link below.  Running a site like TMSM takes hours of work, and extra money of course.  By donating to us via Patreon, you are helping to keep us running, pay site costs, get equipment, host meet ups with prizes, and so much more.  Check out the different donation tiers below, even one dollar helps!  Thank you so much for your consideration. Without our readers, TMSM is nothing.. Thanks again!

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