TMSM Mythbusters: Wake Up Wake Up and Kicking the Caffeine Sponsor is Easier Than Kicking the Habit

February 27, 2017

The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors, myths and misconceptions in the Disney-verse. Tonight on TMSM Mythbusters we are looking into the following myths “Wake Up Wake Up!” and “Kicking the Caffeine Sponsor is Easier Than Kicking the Habit”

Wake Up Wake Up!

Our first myth tonight comes from a meme, that has been reproduced by various pages and groups over and over. This myth is based on the idea that you can request a wake up call in your room in the morning and select the character that calls you.

indexAs many know you can set up a character wake up call at Walt Disney World, Disneyland and on Disney Cruise Lines just by calling the front desk or pressing the wake-up call button on your rooms phone. This fun free call is a great way to start off the morning, and get those “not morning people” Disney fans moving.  The thing is, you can’t request certain characters call. Per Disney  “The wake-up calls at WDW are a recorded character voice. Currently, there is no choice of characters. The recording does change from time to time, but most recently it has been Stitch and Mickey on the call.”

We think where the misconception that you can choose the character comes from Disney having a few special character options  they use during special events. But because guests can’t select WHO calls them in the morning this myth is busted.

TMSM Mythbusters BustedKicking the Caffeine Sponsor is Easier Than Kicking the Habit

Freddie Cesare brought a great Mythbuster question to us “Is Disney replacing Coke with Pepsi?” in the TMSM Fan Nation this week. For those that love Pepsi this myth is exciting, and for those of us that love Coke, it just seems wrong. Coke has been a sponsor of Disney since 12/15/50 when it sponsored the company’s first television show ” One Hour in Wonderland.” When Walt began building Disneyland he was very insistent the building on the corner of Main Street would be the Coa-Cola building, many think because it is modeled after a building in Marceline that had a large Coke ad painted on it. Coke was an opening day sponsor of the Refreshment Corner on Main Street, and is a sponsor of all 11 parks that are currently open.

A part of the misconception that Disney is switch to Pepsi may stem from the fact Disneyland in Shanghai has announced it will be a Pepsi based park when it opens.The other part may stem from Disney fan sites that use misleading redirecting links in their April Fool’s Day joke posts. But, currently this myth is busted, as the other 11 Disney Parks have made no announcement to change their in park soda of choice.

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