What’s Your 2017 Disney New Year’s Resolution? Main Streeter Input below!

A new year means new resolutions…… Disney related ones at that!



We always talk about what is on our Disney bucket list, so I thought I’d take it a step further and ask our readers what is on their list for Disney New Year’s Resolutions for 2017!  We got some good answers, and I wanted to share them with year! Here are some Main Streeter Disney Resolutions for the coming year~

Sara Hurst~ I decided to add to my bucket list by staying at every Disney resort in my lifetime. So this year, I am staying at Port Orleans French Quarter to start that dream! Also, I read that you can fill a 2 liter bottle with dimes and it will equal around $700. So I started a Dimes for Disney fund and am throwing in all the dimes I can find into the fund. My resolution is for that fund to buy my MNSSHP tickets!

Cora Helton~ Take a solo trip to the parks. I’ve never traveled on my own and it’s a goal of mine.

Kyra von Christierson~ I plan on getting cross trained at as many locations as possible- by 2018 you should be able to check me out as a Pirate, a Mansion Maid and maybe even a HOPerator.

Dawn Carney~ My Disney Resolution is to get back “home” this year. I havent been since 2013. My son begs to go.
Also I want to make our home more disney friendly. We dont have much in the way of decorations or disney in our home.

Joe Diebold~ To move closer to WDW!

Stacey Gumaer Wenzel~ I want to take my kids on a cruise. Here is another one. My son plays the saxophone in band. He just started highs school this year. Every few years they have gone to Disney World and marched down Main Street. I want to be there when he does. I’ll let you know if or when it does. I am probably more excited than he is.

Holly Balasia~ I would love to go on a cruise and Disneyland. Aulani would be a dream though!

Heather Young~ I’m signed up for my first princess half marathon, so completing it is my first Disney resolution! And a start plans for a Disney cruise is another.

Kaitlyn Marie Fleischut~ I’m getting married this year, so mine is to plan our Disney honeymoon! I’ve never visited Disney World during Christmas time, so I hope we can go on our honeymoon around that time, so I’m able to get the Disney experience around the holiday.

Stephanie Marie~ Resolution: go to Disneyland at least once a week even if it’s just a few hours. Bucket list: go to all of the parks. Disneyland is my home park. Last February I went to Disney World. And this February I’m going to Disneyland Paris.

Kelly Murphy Perron~ Seriously strategy saving for a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland in California. I want to walk where Walt Disney walked. Although I will cry so much that I will not see much.

Jaymi Cannon-Palmer~ My disney resolution is to make this trips planning stress free! My entire family is going again and planning for 10 people can be difficult….we’ll see how it goes!

Phil Kirton~ Disney Resolutions: Hopefully to visit Disney this year or get a job at my local Disney store.

Beth Csizmadia~ Disney-fy our house more. Buy at least $100 in gift cards every month (this will be used for our trip in 2021).

Cheryl Grady Fleming~ Hope to go to Disneyland in September 2017.

Kelly Sandoval-Smola~ Running the Dark side challenge in April!

These are all great submissions!! So, what would my Disney resolution be? On the higher goal end, to go to Disneyland sometime this year. On the more realistic side. to eat at some restaurants on Disney property that I’ve never been to. What about you? Do you have any Disney resolutions for the year? If so, tell us about them in the comments!

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