Disney Facts You Haven’t Fully Processed

January 7, 2017 ,

As Disney fans, we always like those little bits in the films that we find or notice that others may have not.  You’ve seen your favorite Disney movies countless times. This is not an exaggeration. It wasn’t until the third or fourth (or twentieth) rewatch that you may have realized something you missed and now you want to share that with others.  Here are some things you may have thought of or not while watching the classics.  Thank you to the Oh My Disney blog for these Disney revelations…

Flynn Rider will be king one day.


Cinderella’s last name is probably Tremaine (when her stepmother married her father, she became Lady Tremaine).


Belle and Beast are living in a castle without enchanted objects right now.


Flower is a boy. So is Piglet.



Ariel is princess of two kingdoms (under the sea and on the land).



The Seven Dwarfs got so far in life without ever learning how to wash their hands or do their dishes.


Roger and Anita have to clean up after and feed 101 dalmatians.


Winnie the Pooh and all the other animals are just chilling out there in the woods when Christopher Robin is at school.


Winnie the Pooh is probably really sticky from all that honey.


Woody probably had a previous owner before Andy because he is a toy from an older show.


Jack Skellington actually could make that 6+ hour hike through the woods. He’s a skeleton. No muscle fatigue.


The Grand Councilwoman and alien crew from Lilo & Stitch have been to Earth at least once before.


Since Stitch is experiment 626, there are either 625 alien experiments that have gone awry, or they’re chilling in space somewhere… or on Earth.


In Enchanted, you can get cell phone service in Andalasia. More importantly, you can fall down a sewer and become an animated princess.


The White Rabbit just barely makes it to his date. But now he has no watch for next time.


At the end of Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks is wearing a hat that has a hole punched in it. What if it rains?


Vanellope’s skirt is an upside down peanut butter cup wrapper.


There you have it. Were you aware of all these facts?

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