TMSM’s Fitness Friday! Your Best Tips for Weight Loss & Health for 2017 (Our New Series)

It’s a new year, and we’re trying a brand new series!


Each year in January, people usually are making some New Year’s resolutions, and a lot of those ideas revolve around weight loss and getting healthier. Also, some people are planning a vacation to a Disney destination, and want to be in good shape for their trips. That being said, I asked in our private FB group, TMSM Fan Nation, if people would be interested in a blog series and support thread for losing weight in 2017, and the response was overwhelming, people indeed wanted to participate! These blogs and the support threads in the Nation are meant to encourage and help others, not meant to criticize or make anyone feel bad for their habits. It’s all about support and lifting each other up! You can join TMSM Fan Nation at!

There are a lot of members in our group looking for tips on getting healthy for their 2017 Disney trips! I thought I’d start off our new series by asking our members what is the best tip they’ve gotten or they can offer regarding weight loss, and we got a lot of responses! Here are a few of them ~

Michelle Perkins~ Everything in moderation and portion control I always try to drink water too.

Sarah Michael~ Make small goals each months. For example, in January I am going to exercise 3 times a week, eat veggies for dinner 3 times a week, and drink more water. For Feb, workout 4 times a week, eat more fruits, try one new food a week like polenta or quinoa.

Stephani Lanier~ Water, water, and more water. And it’s 20% exercise and 80% what you eat.

Ashley America~ Start over. When you break your diet or your exercise routine, don’t give up. Start over.

Rachel Carl~ Meal prep and get your water in! It’s so easy to get hangry and grab whatever is fastest which usually equals bad choices. If you keep healthy snacks and quick meals on hand then you are more likely to make smarter choices!

Elena Sroka~ Mine was so eye opening…here it goes….eat more. Sounds weird I know but it has worked. I was not eating enough so my body was storing fat cause it was not sure when i would eat again and how much I would eat. Now I don’t mean eat more junk but eat more healthier choices and more throughout the day than just my 3 main meals.

Stacey Gumaer Wenzel~ Write down everything you eat to keep yourself accountable, and portion control. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables. They are low in calories and keep you full longer.

Susanne K.~ Don’t call it a diet. That’s a set up for failure. Make the changes so they have long term benefits, not just until you get to the weight you want or you will inevitably gain it back. Exercise is important, but what you eat has more of an impact. Try to eat clean food and drink 1 gallon of water per day.

Corey Tucker~ Allow 1 cheat meal a week!

Jackie Kutney~ Best advice we’ve gotten – Cut way down on carbs and sugar. Sugar is the “root of all evil” when it comes to diet. Once your body gets adapted to running off/burning fat for energy instead of sugar, you feel so much better.

Teri Barbie~ It takes time. You did not gain the weight overnight and you won’t lose it overnight.

Martha Benes Keating~ Eat off of a smaller plate. Write down everything you eat & how you were feeling at the time: sad, bored, hungry, stressed etc. It can help you see where you eat more.

Carrie Clevinger Rings~ Just do it. Regardless if tired or had a bad day. Do something every single day. Also, diets are lost in the kitchen . Slowly retrain yourself and eating habits. Don’t eat after 7 pm!

Stacie Rich~ Drink lots of water. It’s not the number on the scale but how you feel about yourself. And if you are craving let yourself have a little or you’ll end up binging.

So there you have it, our first Fitness Friday blog! I’d love to see this series flourish and really help people along their journey to a healthy new year! Be sure to let us know in the comments what suggestions you find to be useful, share with us! Also, join TMSM Fan Nation for our support threads at! Thanks so much, lets get fit together! ~M

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