You Can Disney Emojify Yourself!

Recently we shared with you Disney’s new “”Disney Youself” graphic maker. Today we are excited to share that Disney’s Emoji  has come out with a new “Disney Emojify” yourself website. By visiting the new Disney Emoji Maker website you can create your own Disney Emoji styled emoji!  The new Disney Emoji Maker lets you customize you emoji’s skin tone, hair color and style, makeup, and then select a background, accessories and activity before you share your  new Disney Emoji on social media.


For those unfamiliar with Disney Emoji this new brand in Disney’s lineup includes the game Disney Emoji Blitz, the “As Told by Disney Emoji” animated shorts, and Disney Stickers for iOS. The Disney Emoji Blitz mobile game  lets you to collect Disney and Pixar emojis to use on the Emoji Blitz   keyboard through game play and is available on iOS and Android. To play you match 3 or more emojis to earn prizes and complete missions which will then open new keyboard characters. Each emoji has a unique ability that can help you level up and complete daily challenges. “As Told by” videos can be seen on the Disney Channel and Disney YouTube Channels.





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