Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 1

Well, December is here, and most are in decorating mode, if they haven’t been already. As you know, Disney World started decking their halls on November 1st, and now the entire property is filled with Christmas cheer, and beautiful Christmas trees! Here a few photos of some of the lovely Christmas trees across Disney World!!!

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 2

The Christmas Tree Trail at Disney Springs has multiple Disney character and movie themed trees! New for 2016!

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 3

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 4

There are lovely trees at both the Wilderness Lodge and the Ft. Wilderness Campgrounds!

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 5

The Christmas tree outside the gates at Animal Kingdom has some really unique ornaments!

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 6

The tree at Hollywood Studios is huge, but they have smaller trees on light posts inside the park as well!

Disney Christmas Trees #DisneyHolidays 7

Here’s a close up shot at the larger than life Christmas tree just inside the Magic Kingdom! It’s gorgeous!

For more Christmas fun, check out the videos below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates on new videos when they hit! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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