TMSM Mythbusters: Felines on Parade

October 31, 2016

The goal of this blog series is to factually prove or disprove rumors and myths in the Disney-verse. Tonight on TMSM Mythbusters we are tackling the myth regarding Felines in the Parks.

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Felines on Parade

Rumors of gators in the sewers in Disneyland make me laugh because gators don’t live in California, but the myth about cats in Disneyland always intrigued me. As a cat owner I love my cats (and the beagle is just as important to us) and I always wondered if this myth was true. I was so excited in August 2013 to SEE one of the Disneyland Cats that I even took it’s picture!

20130816_231457Unlike Walt Disney World which was built in open fields and swampland, Disneyland is surrounded by a city which means feral cats aren’t hard to imagine being around the park’s property. But for feral cats to be IN the parks and accepted by CM’s? Yes ladies and gentleman the “Cats of Disneyalnd” are in fact a true part of Disney lore and are very much accepted by Cast Members and Park Management.

They cats have been a facet of the park since 1955 and actually help the park by doing what cats do best, hunt rodents and control the population of pests. The cats are feral and come and go as they wish, usually only appearing at night due to their nocturnal habits. Disney does though ensure having the cats around is a safe situation The cats are caught to be spayed and neutered and Disney makes sure they are up to date on their shots. These four-legged CM’s even have feeding stations back stage away from people to keep them anti-social* to ensure they leave guests alone back stage so they aren’t hungry.

So cat lovers I am sure you are all very happy to see the myth about feral cats being allowed in Disneyland is in fact confirmed!


*As a side bar it seems when kittens are found Disneyland and local animal aid groups do their best to adopt out these little guys and gals, but I was unable to find exact details as to HOW one can adopt their own “Cat of Disneyland”. I will keep researching this though as quite honestly it is something I would love to know more about! <3

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  1. When I was at Disneyland a few summers ago, I saw a cat in some undergrowth. It was daytime, so I took a picture. I’m a cat lover, and when I found out Disney lets the cats live there, I thought it was a great thing.

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