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Whether you collect Disney pins, mugs, or maps, all Disney fans love to show their Disney pride––and the new Ethan Allen | Disney collection is a wonderful way to add a touch of pixie dust to your home. The full collection will be available on November 18 (and if you’re joining us for Destination D November 19–20, you’ll be able to see some of these amazing pieces in person!) but D23 Members are invited to take part in a special pre-sale of select items from the collection, starting Thursday, September 29, at 12:01 a.m. PT

However, even amidst this enchanting Disney-inspired decor, you might still find the need for aesthetic furniture to complete your living room and outdoor space. The Copper and Tweed elements from the new collection could be the perfect additions to elevate your home’s ambiance to a whole new magical level. Embrace the opportunity to curate a space that resonates with your love for Disney and your appreciation for refined aesthetics, making every moment spent at home a delightful, magical experience.

Read on to see 10 terrific pieces from the collection.

Ethan Allen Character Chest

Character Chest – Available for pre-sale
This chest captures a picture-perfect moment between two pretty iconic pals––you might even call this the first Disney selfie!

Ethan Allen Minnie Mouse Art

Perky as a Polka Dot – Available for pre-sale
This handcrafted Minnie Mouse-inspired art is as stunning as it is sweet! Framed in a shadowbox style, this piece is adorable on its own or as part of a Disney wall art collage.

Ethan Allen Minnie Mouse Rug

I See Minnie Rug––Available for pre-sale
This rug is spot-on––add to any room for a mini touch of Minnie!

Mickey Shadow Cabinet and Minnie Shadow Cabinet

Mickey Shadow Cabinet and Minnie Shadow Cabinet––Available for pre-sale
Mickey and Minnie are a perfect pair, and so are these cabinets! These are the ultimate “his and hers” nightstands for Disney fans.

Mickey Mouse Comic Strip Sheets

Comic Strip Sheet Set––Available for pre-sale
These Mickey Mouse comic strip sheets take bedtime stories to a whole new level.

Ethan Allen Mickey Mouse Chair

Mickey Mouse Club Chair and a Half––Available November 18
Settle in for story time with your little one! This chair and a half is perfect for a reading nook or cozy corner.

Ethan Allen Storage Baskets

Fantastic Felt Storage Baskets––Available November 18
Talk about a Hidden Mickey! These storage baskets are a fun way to help your little Mouseketeer stay organized.

Ethan Allen Pixar Floor Lamp

Film Strip Floor Lamp––Available November 18
This larger-than-life lamp may not be as animated as Pixar’s Luxo. Jr, but it’s sure to add some character to any space.

Mickey Mouse Ethan Allen Art

Mickey Shorts––Available November 18
Oh, boy! Mickey’s the perfect friendly face to have hanging in your space.

Mickey Mouse Table

Mickey Mouse Table––Available November 18

This coffee table is such a conversation piece, and we’re all ears! Use the table in its traditional shape, or pull out two smaller rounds for more space and of course, more Mickey!

Find more magnificent Mickey Mouse items and shop the pre-sale here. For more information on Ethan Allen | Disney, please visit:

Below you will find the whole collection with pricing, now available for D23 members  at introductory prices.

Bravo Chair , , largeBravo Chair $1,479.00


Mickey Pull-Up Ottoman $359.00

Character Chest $1,599.00
  Mickey Coasters, 6 piece , , large
Mickey Coasters, 6 piece $39.00

Big Moment Comic Pendant, Medium  $139.00


Mickey Nailhead Pillow  $199.00

Abstract Mickey $1,399.00
 Mickey Shadow Cabinets , , large
Mickey Shadow Cabinets  $499.00

Minnie Shadow Cabinets $499.00
 Mickey Longboard Wall Art II $139.00
Minnie Longboard Wall Art II , , large
Minnie Longboard Wall Art II $139.00
1928 Knit Throw $69.00
 Mr. Mouse Stroller Blanket , , large
 Mr. Mouse Stroller Blanket $39.00
 Checkboard Square Rug Set , , large
Checkboard Square Rug Set $699.00

Film Canister Side Table $499.00

Braided Mickey Rug $129.00

I See Mickey Rug $249.00

 I See Minnie Rug , , large
I See Minnie Rug  $249.00
 Perky as a Polka Dot II , , large
Perky as a Polka Dot II $799.00
 Mickey Butterflies , , large

Mickey Butterflies  $1,199.00


 Wonderland Side Table , , large
Wonderland Side Table  $899.00
 Comic Strip Duvet Cover and Sham , , large
Comic Strip Duvet Cover and Sham $49.00 – $159.00

Comic Strip Sheet Set  $109.00 – $159.00  more sizes available
Color Block Mickey $349.00
 Expressionist Mickey II , , large
Expressionist Mickey II  $349.00
Drip Paint Mickey  $349.00

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